Turkey has supplied Syrian air defense fighters

Armed groups in Syria's opposition for the first time got hold of man-portable air defense systems. This was said on July 31 south american TV channel NBC.

According to NBC, Free Syrian Army (FSA) has bought 20 MANPADS, and they were delivered to her through the countryside of Turkey. As according to Western media reports, the United States administration, which in the past objected to equip the Free Syrian Army with modern instrument, to the supply of MANPADS is not involved, reported IA "RosBalt."

Meanwhile, the South American newspaper The New York Times citing senior sources in Washington, published an article in which it was reported that the Central Intelligence Agency took over the company supplies IA tools and equipment Syrian opposition.

According to these data, in southern Turkey for several months visiting team works CIA employees who look for recipients of military aid, also help to smuggle her across the border. One channel of delivery of equipment serves Syrian rebels separation movement "Muslim Brotherhood."

The duties of employees CIA comes to find which of the groups is to help, also make sure to supply the ammunition did not get into the hands of the soldiers, "al-Qaeda" and other terrorist organizations.

Automatic tool, grenade launchers, antitank weapons and ammunition zatarivaemsya the means Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Immediately supply the rebels with the CIA engaged in the study of groups opposing the government of Syria, and identify among them those which later could be dealing with.

In turn, the deputy secretary of the Workers' Party Turkey Bolant Esinoglu said that the CIA had recruited about 6 thousand of Arab, Afghan and Turkish mercenaries to commit acts of terrorism in Syria. The article Esinoglu writes that the recruitment of mercenaries to order the CIA is the South American security company "Blackwater. "

The company Blackwater — South American private security company. In its ranks, about 2.3 thousand professionally mercenaries on a real service, and about 25 thousand fighter in reserve. The company has done and to nedavneshnego headed the last south american commando Erik Prince. This organization has had and has a very active support of South American troops in Iraq. Blackwater has become sadly known in connection with the incident with the killings of Iraqis in September 2007.

It must be emphasized that the Free Syrian Army and identify with it Syrian Council of State took responsibility for a large terrorist attack in the Syrian capital, resulting in the deaths of high-ranking Syrian officers, including Defense Minister Daoud Rajhi Syria. As the last chief of staff, Keith Urban at the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: "The first time we should be called the suicide bomber — the one who destroyed much of Assad's cabinet — a martyr."

"While the U.S. is in any way provide support to terrorists, they can be considered a partner extremists" — said the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in his own nedavneshnem interview with the German TV channel "Irste." "The weapon, means or public and political support for the United Nations — all inextricably linked, — he explained. — They provide political protection gangs in order to destabilize Syria. United States — part of the conflict. "

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