Turkey has threatened to freeze the case with the EU

Turkey freezes business with 27 countries of the EU (European Union), if the State Chairman of the EU in July 2012. Cyprus will become. This statement was made by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports Associated Press.

According to the Turkish Prime Minister, his country No longs to have diplomatically relations with the "so called" the state, as Ankara does not recognize the sovereignty of the "Greek" Cyprus. According to Erdogan, Ankara calls for joint Cyprus a single government, and only then can we talk about his presidency of the EU.

Erdogan also warned that Turkey "will accept tough retaliatory measures" if Nicosia continue to follow oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean.

The island was divided into a recognized global society "Greek"South (Republic of Cyprus) and breakaway"Turkish"North — the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus — in 1974., With the result that the Turkish invasion of the peninsula there was a coup. Comes to the EU only the Greek sector Cyprus. North Cyprus recognized only with 2 countries — Turkey and Abkhazia.

We add that the statement continues Erdogan whole series of his hard speeches. In the past month Turkey quarreled with Israel after the occurrence of the outcome of the investigation of the seizure of Israeli commandos ship "Freedom Flotilla", which were the citizens of this country

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