Turkey on the road to ruin

The situation around Syria is obviously going to a regional conflict. "Myatezhvoyna" may soon go the intervention of external forces. Thus, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Nabil al-Arabi called on 7 June the UN Security Council to take all possible measures against the official Damascus, including the ability to make out the use of force (seventh article of the UN Charter).

Immediately, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the situation in Syria have gained critical point, the country is on the verge of a full-scale civilian war. According to him, a group of observers from the UN opened fire in the Syrian province of Nahal government troops. The incident occurred when observers tried to gain access to the settlement of Mazraat al-Kubeyr where the total came another murder. UN Secretary-General condemned the killing, calling it "unspeakable barbarity."

United States again urged all countries that support the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad to end to make it blend for democratic change in the country. In a statement, the official dealer of white houses Jay Carney says that "terrible massacre of civilians" and refusing to let in the area of UN observers "is an insult to the human advantages and principles of justice." According to the views of Washington, the failure of the Syrian president to do plan UN resolution and to accept responsibility for the atrocities proves the illegitimacy of the Assad regime. Supported by the U.S. and the EU High Representative on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. She called on the international community to stop the violence and to merge in the Syrian state.

Earlier, a special envoy of the UN and the Arab League Kofi Annan said he believed it necessary that the international community had a strong support for his plan or other plan developed to resolve the situation in Syria. In practice, this is evidence that the so-called. "Annan plan" has failed. In principle, it was clear that the plan has a puzzle to the militants to regroup, to prepare new stock return series, supplies tools (this strategy is known to us in the war in Chechnya). Damascus has taken this step to gain time. Annan claimed harsh review of the efforts of international community to end the bloodshed in the Syrian Arab Republic (UAR). Annan believes that the international community must bring about the upcoming strategy toward Syria.

Our homeland has responded statements Lukashevich and Lavrov. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a massacre in the city of Al-Kubeyr blame "certain forces" that suit "heinous provocation", wanting to thwart the plans of Kofi Annan. The head of Russian Foreign Ministry said that the UN Security Council will not give a mandate to intervene in Syria. He said: "The Mandate for external intervention of the Security Council will not. This I can guarantee to you. "

Everything goes to the intervention of the West and their allies in eastern Syria. Moreover, the intervention clearly open. Information and financial resources, political and diplomatic support, assistance in procuring weapons, organizing sabotage "rebels" already have.

It is clear that the owners of the West have long been led to the future of Syria and the whole Middle East region — they should glow. This is the first global war front. Back in late December 2011 a senior State Department official Fred Hof South America referred to the Syrian government, "a walking dead man" and entered the made during the administration of President Barack Obama's special committee hidden. The purpose of this committee was to develop scenarios of the likely intervention of NATO in the Syrian government. According to a South American magazine Foreign Policy, «unusually smaller co-hort" a group of officials from the South American defense officials, the State Department, the Ministry of money and other departments headed by Steve Simon of the Council of State Security.

Almost immediately, and in December 2011, "Henry Jackson Society" headquartered in the capital city of England Announces developed in its interior scenario of a military attack on the CAP, entitled "intervention in Syria. " This document was written by one of the managers of the "Society of Henry Jackson" Michael Weiss. It should be noted that "the Henry Jackson Society" — is one of the most influential Anglo-Saxon "think tanks" that hold classic British imperial policy in line with the "divide and rule". In addition, an English "Company" advises and develops strategies for the U.S. neo-conservatives. Michael Weiss, the document advises to start with the creation of an intervention "pretext" for outside military intervention. To do this, he said, you can use any allegations of the address of the official Damascus. According to the document "Intervention in Syria", the invasion to begin with air strikes against the American, British, French and Turkish air force with the Navy, then start a ground operation for the creation of the "Syrian security zone." "Safety Zone" will be the stronghold of militants who are under the protection of the invasion force to end the destruction of legitimate administrative and military structures.

First, in May 2012 in Denmark, hosted international military exercise "Crystal Eagle — 2012". It was run by the headquarters of the German-Danish-Dutch Army Corps "North-East". In these exercises have taken the role of some 1.5 million soldiers from 15 countries. According to the scenario of these maneuvers in a state of "Auriga" appeared tinderbox, which can grow into full-scale war on civilian clothes and destabilize the situation in the region. In the current crisis, the UN Security Council decided to conduct a military operation to stabilize the situation in that country. In addition, since June 1, in the territorial waters of the Baltic states have started large-scale exercises combined naval forces of NATO «Baltops — 2012". Their task — to work out the issues of implementing a multi-national group in the military operation to resolve the crisis. The exercise involved units of the Navy, Air Force, Army.

It is clear that the Anglo-Saxons and the general Western strategists really love to rake up the fire by proxy. Qatar and Saudi Arabia on the role of one of the main invasion force are not appropriate. Because a huge role in the plans of intervention is withdrawn Turkey. Back in 2011 the Turkish government has made a number of statements sonorous, but then a few deposited back. On the border of 2-states came out a few incidents that had the potential for conflict. And the statement sounded frighteningly South American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she made April 19, 2012 during a meeting of "Friends of Syria" in France. The essence of the statement in the Secretary of State that, if the Security Council does not provide legitimacy to the invasion of ATS, then, in that case, the Syrian government it will be possible to storm as the "aggressor who attacked Turkey," Turkey will be able to because as a member of the alliance to seek military assistance to the unit.

Plans of the owners of the West fully fit into the strategy of Ankara. The government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is implementing a plan to rebuild the Ottoman Empire, dreaming thoughts "Great Turan". The Turks are allies of the United States and are heavily involved in the implementation of the South American project entitled "New Middle East". In Ankara, believe that today's turmoil will reli
eve their rivals in the struggle for leadership of the Islamic world and the world will make their own "center of power". We beheld as a strong fall in Iraq, Libya, Egypt turmoil enveloped in Syria is myatezhvoyna, Iran sanctions under attack, information and political pressure. Turks decided that their time has come. Past CEO of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade Bulent Esinogly, the creator of the book "The flooded the West," read the information that "Erdogan is co-chair of the" Greater Middle East "and is ready to do everything to ensure the required Washington split Syria into three parts." However, the weakness of the neighbors overjoyed, blinded expansionism, thoughts and neo Turkism Turkish rulers apparently did not realize what are digging the grave for himself. West, giving with one hand, and the other will take even more. Turkey — it's only a figure, not an independent player on the global chessboard. A great war engulf everyone and Turkey will not be able to remain an "island of stability". In the long term, the West plans to break up all the big countries, the era of neo-feudalism 21st century.

I remember that at one time the South American government vigorously supported the expansion of Saddam Hussein. In the end, Hussein was hanged. And Iraq has turned into a dependent government, which has de facto collapsed, where Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are in constant conflict, and on the verge of a big massacre. Erdogan is on the way Hussein and Hitler (hence the attacks of Ankara against Israel.) United States and hosts the West will support it for the time being, egg on Syria, Armenia, Greece, Iran, Ukraine, Russia. With all of this at any moment West will be able to accuse Turkey of discrimination against the Kurds, the invasion of Iraq on the terrain, the Armenian genocide, etc. The U.S. has an impact on the methods of Ankara. Washington so far has not supported Ankara in the fight against Kurdish separatism. In March 2012 a report was published by the yearly U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, in which the Turkish government has been heavily criticized, and the creators of the document called on Turkey to include the "black list" of the U.S. State Department. In March of the same in south american The Senate brought a draft resolution on the Armenian Genocide. Immediately want to declare an independent Kurdish country (the former autonomy within Iraq), but postponed the action. The Kurdish problem of a "sore spot" of Turkey. Kurdish card — this is one of the ways by which we can undermine a number of states, plunging them into long and bloody war. Arab unrest has given countless Kurdish people the chance to create their own country and Kurdish favorites are not going to lose.

Plans to create a self-contained Kurdistan has long been nurtured enough, but the practical implementation of this idea would be unimaginable without NATO intervention in and occupation of Iraq in 2003. And in 2006 there was an eminent card retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, where there is government Free Kurdistan (based on four countries — Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran). Many would be able to calculate that it is idle dreams. But we litsezreem that new countries emerge almost before our eyes — Sudan was divided into South and North, in northern Mali created Azavad. Further announced plans to restructure the countries of old times and new. There are plans for the dismemberment of Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, etc.

It is not clear that the Turkish elite owners will be able to win the West and make a firm independent power center. The invasion of Turkey in Syria would be another step towards the future death of Turkish country. A wise strategy in this situation for Turkey will support the efforts of the Russian Federation, China and Iran in the maintenance of the existing situation in the Middle East, with a gradual decrease in intensity through reform and political, diplomatic and economic means.

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