Turkey preparing to invade Syria

Turkey's military might to invade Syria. The aim of the intervention would be to create "security zone" and the prevention of a very large influx of refugees into Turkey. As reported by the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet referring to the British Independent, specifically such may be the reaction of the Turkish authorities at the beginning of civilian war in Syria.

According to the publication, Turkey already angry at the Syrian authorities, because they are very small, twice fooled Turkish colleagues and did not keep their promise to withdraw troops from Syrian cities and the implementation of large-scale reforms in the country. With all of this, in the second time, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad personally fooled minister of foreign affairs Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu. And now Turkey is preparing for civilian war Syria. As a possible scenario, a plan of invasion of northern Syria. A precedent for the plan is the invasion of Turkish troops in northern Iraq. Note that in both cases refers to the areas inhabited mostly by Kurds.

As reported to IA REGNUM, Turkey showed intrigued in preserving the power of Bashar al-Assad, because I was afraid of sharing the Kurdish uprising in his country. Another first of April, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "The great danger for Turkey are Kurds living in Syria. If President Bashar Assad to resign, the 1.4 million Syrian Kurds, along with 15 million in Turkey, 7000000 in Iran and 6,000,000 in the north of Iraq, can rise up and make a claim for the joint development of the Kurdish self-contained country. "So, specifically the Kurdish issue, not a problem of refugees can be a real prerequisite for Turkish intervention.

The probability of such a turn of events shows and other publication Turkish press. May 25 newspaper Milliyet wrote that President Syria is rapidly losing the support of Turkey and other Muslim countries. The newspaper cites the portal DEBKA, close to the Israeli intelligence services, according to which Erdogan recently ordered the case to break with Syria. In addition, the Turkish government has once again allowed the Syrian opposition to organize the first meeting in June. "All this, in the main, justified the Kurdish factor" — wrote Milliyet.

Meanwhile, action in Syria indeed give rise to arguments about the likelihood of civilian war. As reported by the agency Associated Press, the inhabitants of the Syrian province of Homs showed armed resistance to government forces, using machine guns and grenade launchers. "They decided that they can no longer sit warehouse hands and pray to God for help," — said one of the residents of Homs. "The army has faced armed resistance and was not able to enter the town of Rastan and Talbise," — said another witness. This is the first case of armed resistance in two months anti-government protests in Syria.

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