Turkey — the project The Ottoman Empire 2

Ankara, solidifying his political position, its army and navy, the economy has become a strong regional power. But in the living memory of the Turkish elite and the status of one of the global powers, the 1st of the centers of power, a favorite of the Islamic world — the Ottoman Empire. Perhaps, in our eyes is unhurried but steady restoration of that power — the embodiment of the "Ottoman Empire -2".

In today's world there is such a situation, what are the most likely principal projects: the U.S. will quickly lose its superpower status, China is very fast and takes the place of the Soviet Union even plans to become the number one economy, the truth of her frisky growth is the possibility of the collapse is as frisky, in the Islamic world came the collapse of old times favorites — Iraq and Egypt, Syria and Libya is under attack, fell Reddish Empire — Ankara was able to strengthen its position in the South Caucasus, the Crimea, the destruction of Yugoslavia allowed to increase its influence in the Balkans, and revealed a lot of potential capacity expansion of Turkish expansion; united Europe fever, it is "bursting at the seams." When, if not at the moment, to strengthen the position and take steps to help their own objectives?

Economy, population

Turkey's economy is developing dynamically Europe if countries of southern Europe — Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal is in decline and exit is not visible, except to leave the EU and return to their monetary systems, with a sharp decline in living standards. Severe prepyadstviya also face a number of northern states — Iceland, Ireland, Britain, the countries of the former Russian Baltic — there is generally "quiet horror", the people there just runs the country are empty at the sight. In 2010, Turkey gave way in the growth of economy after China and Argentina and ranked 15 in the world by the power of the economy. In terms of economic growth in Turkey in the first quarter of 2011 surpassed all the countries of the "Big Twenty» (G-20), the economy grew by 11%, China 9.7%.

The crisis of 2008-2009, the growth rate dropped somewhat, but did not impact on Turkey as much as the countries of Europe. Developed industry sectors such as the manufacturing industry, textile, leather, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile industry (6 th place in Europe for the production cars), the creation of electrical products, tourism and construction sectors. Well-developed wood processing, in the state produce oil, coal, lead, zinc, copper and metal ores. The government vigorously supports small and medium-sized businesses.

Country presentable international investors, its labor force is cheaper than European, qualifies. A large percentage of the young working population, in contrast to the more "mature" countries of Europe. Turkey has great markets — Our homeland, CIS Near East. Turkey has a profitable geographical position — a "bridge" between Asia and Europe, developed huge projects for the transit of hydrocarbons from Iran and Turkmenistan to Europe from this country to win a lot. In her hands the fundamental strategic path: Dark Sea — Mediterranean, a huge sea coast. Turkey has a huge potential of growth of exports of agricultural products due to its natural resources and the general area, which is applicable for agriculture, that the criteria for continuous growth in consumption of food on the planet, and the danger of "food wars" a very important factor.

Turkey does not have such problems as "aging" of the population and to reduce, as in most European countries and Russia, the population: in the 20-ies of XX century there were about 12-13 million, in 2010 — 73 million and the growth continues.


Turkish elite builds its internal and external policies on four main principles: the neo-Ottomanism — by using the media, film, youth policy from the Turks do idealized representations of the Ottoman Empire, introduced the idea of favorite role of Turkey in the region. In foreign policy is a representation of the 3 strategic areas of expansion, in the south-west, in the direction of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, South — Iraq and the Persian Gulf, South East — Iran and Pakistan. This ideology is the development of even the Anglo-Saxons, the "Cold War", when Turkey planned to make the favorite of the Islamic world, as opposed to Russian Union.

Second principle — neopantyurkizm, this is another area of work on the project "The Ottoman Empire 2". Closely cooperate with Azerbaijan, the Crimean Tatars have a network in Russia. 3rd — neokemalizm, with the idealization of the role of Mustafa Kemal and the fourth principle — Turkish Eurasianism. Turkey considered the center of Eurasia, "bridge" between Asia and Europe, between the Islamic world and Europe.

At the base, they all give a good basis for the modern ideologies of majestic power. A new center of power.

The likely direction of expansion

They are traditional and are justified by the geographical location of Turkey, these areas were part of the Ottoman Empire were either under its tremendous impact. And not necessarily be military expansion, at least until the beginning of the big political changes and crises on the planet, the expansion is already underway — the cultural, financial, demographic.

Balkans: earlier expansion was not possible, there were massive country — Yugoslavia, the country sotsbloka, Greece. At the current time Greece "lies", Yugoslavia is quite fragmented, and the process of crushing continues. There are massive and passionary "fulcrum" — Muslim Albanians and Bosnians. Our homeland is not the "big brother" of the Balkan Slavs, they are fragmented, decomposed, their elite zapadnizirovany. Europe itself is experiencing a lot of problems, it soon will not be to the Balkans.

South Caucasus: Azerbaijan has basically transformed into a "vassal" of Ankara, he is having an increasing impact on its culture (he has almost dropped out of the Russian Field), the economy, the army. Georgia at least some moment may lose Muslim Adjara. Thus, according to WikiLeaks, during the war in August 2008 Turkey was ready to send troops to this south-western Georgian region of the country and take it under our own control. Georgia bailed out just what our homeland did not decide to continue the operation. In addition, the emissaries of the Turks and have links to the North Caucasus — Chechen rebels are well-known contacts with the intelligence agencies of Turkey.

Iran, Iraq, Syria: All three countries are currently being under attack, and at least some moment can be cast into large-scale conflict. In Iraq, the Turkish troops in recent years, often conduct "counterterrorism operations" against the Kurdish armed groups. Against Libya and Iran, the Western media and diplomats are the most viable information vonu, and when it will grow into a "hot" only a matter of time. Of course, from that Ankara could get some "dividends". Although in general in the near future, Turkey is quite excellent cooperation with Iran is the same, but with Israel makes a sharp "Colder" because of the events related to the attack on the "Freedom Flotilla" May 31, 2010. Erdogan accused Israel of carrying out the policy of "Municipal terrorism," Turkey sought a formal apology from the Israeli government and the payment of compensation to the families of the victims.

The main directions of development of military

The Turkish army is the 10th largest in the world and 5th in the middle of the NATO states, while in Europe it soon might be the first (es
pecially if you remove the nuclear weapon). European countries: in-1's, reduce the heavy weapons, the armies, including Germany, Britain, France, in-2, their fighting ability is quite low, they are virtually ready to wage war on the "face to face", to carry out large ground operation. The army in Turkey in high esteem, it shall not "mow" the number of its more than 600 thousand people. Although in recent years it also reduce, by 2014, The Army plans to reduce to 280-300 thousand from 390 thousand, for all that saturate them with the latest technology and facilities management. However, the armor of the downsizing is often passed gendarmerie — it must assume a major battle with Kurdish rebels.

— Active shipbuilding, despite the fact that at the current time, the Turkish Navy have full The advantage of over though any state in the waters of the Black Sea. This is particularly evident in the area of the submarine fleet and armed Turkish Navy anti-ship missiles — on them exceed the Turks very own strong potential enemy, the Black Sea fleet, 3-4. And an advantage only grows, in the course of modernization of ships and submarines Turkish Navy, the commissioning of new units.

Work is in progress on a series of corvettes for the project MilGem F511 "Heybeliada", in 2007, laid the first corvette on the newest program there in 2008 — the second. This year, the first corvette has become operational in 2012 and will be commissioned second. Total plans to build eight corvettes in this series. For the surface fleet is working on-air defense frigate project TF-2000, they are planning to build 4-6 units. Work on the creation of a unified management system navy, building new patrol boats, tank-landing ships, a project of construction of new mine-sweeping ships. Build a series of 4 MOSHIP special courts to conduct search and rescue operations, rescue submarine. By submarine fleet Ankara adopted such a plan, so that for a constant upgrading of old times and the introduction of new submarine commissioned in constant readiness was a 13-14 NNS.

And on the day or was generally voiced sensation: Managing the secretariat of the defense industry of the country Murad Bayar said that advances in shipbuilding will soon allow Turkey to build its own aircraft carriers. Although it is clear that his own Turkish shipyards can not build. But with the help of American, Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian and other companies in Turkey is entirely on forces already in the coming term. Turkey skillfully uses the merits of European and American shipbuilders for its own fleet.

What is today's Turkey carrier? No reason, it is completely equilibrium Navy sufficient for the defense of the coast. But here, if Ankara sees as the "Ottoman Empire 2", it is completely necessary aircraft carriers, as though what the majestic power.

— In the area of Ankara Air Force plans to buy fighter jets from the U.S. 5th generation, up to 116 units of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, they are expected to begin flowing in 2014. Turkey buys 30 F-16s Block 50 + of Lockheed Martin, the aircraft will be delivered from this year until 2013. In addition, we study the possibility of creating your own fighter — New Turkish fighter willing to adopt by 2023. Proposals likely to support the state aircraft company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) have already announced the company Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Saab. Negotiations with Turkey and Brazil are — the company Embraer.

Turkey developing its unmanned aircraft: in 2010, the Turkish designers have made the first Russian reconnaissance drone "Anka", it is clear that the heights of the U.S., Turkey and Israel will not reach. But at least the last she will have their cell phones, well, you can sell to neighbors, Baku has already made a proposal on joint production of UAVs.

In the field of tank development: there is an active upgrading of currently the main tanks Leopard 1 and M60. Purchased party "Leopard 2" — 339 units. There is a project of creation of its own main tank "Altai" — an agreement signed in 2008, a trial batch are going to release in 2012.



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