Turkish authorities said the probable war with Syria

Turkish rule for the first time it was publicly announced ability to start an open military conflict with Syria. According to Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu, "even though the measure of coercion, but totally real."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, also highlighted that Ankara to escalate its neighbor is not interested, but the actions that occur in Syria, leave less ability to maneuver diplomatically.

"The Syrian rulers who act against their own people do not have the mandate to power"- Emphasizes Davutoglu. He also blamed the international community in the "undecided" and "last slowness" when addressing issues related to the Syrian situation. "In the country every day die 10's people."

We add that according to some data, the units located on the border with Turkey have been given Syria on full alert. In addition the production of Russian missiles were imposed on the Istanbul and Ankara.

Earlier it was reported that Turkey will not produce products transit through the area of Syria in favor of Iraq. the number of checkpoints on the border with it will also be increased. With the deterioration of the situation in Syria appropriate action will be taken.

Cases of Damascus and Ankara significantly worsened after the start of civil unrest in Syria In March of this year. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister condemned the forceful suppression of anti-government protests, also called on President Bashar al-Assad Arab Republic to resign. Conflict aggravated assault supporters of the Syrian president on a diplomatic mission to Turkey Syria.

Recall the massive mess and the armed opposition to the Syrian government last March. Protesters want to reach the resignation of President Assad and reform. Although the authorities have gone to some concessions, but continue to suppress anti-government demonstrations by force methods. According to the UN from the beginning of the conflict killed more than 3,500 people.

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