Turkish debut: brand new cruise missile SOM

In 2011, at the DSEi exhibition in London, the Turkish Air Force presented their new weapon — Stand-off Muhimmat Seyir Fuzesi (SOM).
It is believed that the CD was presented to the centenary of the Turkish Air Force (4 June 2011).
Development was carried out in 2006 and made up is the first self Turkey's decision to engage both fixed and moving targets at a distance of over 180 km.

First test launch took place August 9, 2011 over the water area of the Black Sea, all scheduled for about 30 starts.
As of 2012 the CD is in trial operation in the Turkish Air Force.

Small-sized cruise missile, allowing the use of light as a carrier fighter.

Weight KR 600 pounds.
Warhead of about 230 kg of ordinary type.
Turbojet engine Microturbo TRI 40.

Typical goals
Air defense / defense;
Planes on the runway and hangars;
The strategic objectives;
Operating line
Range: more than 180 km + (project-100km on the test value is reached 300km)
Low ESR;
Highest accuracy provided by GPS / INS / ATR / TRN;
The highest maneuverability;
The most powerful destructive effect;
Evasive maneuver;
The possibility of selection and change of purpose (the ability to be Retargeted after launch);
Networking with other instrument;
Guidance: INS + GPS + radar + + barometric altimeter to follow the terrain and the database with stationary objects (roads, bridges, buildings);
Can track the reference points and the loop area;
IIR seeker
Guidance on the final stage is carried out using infrared matrix comparing the characteristics of the object with the put in the memory of the rocket.
Average CWE missiles — 10 meters (estimated) / on tests demonstrated CEP of about 5 meters.
Long range target detection;
More than the highest image resolution compared with existing systems;
resistance to electromagnetic radiation;
SOM abilities:
The modular principle, the integration with JMPS and ALIS.
Comparability of NATO UAI, integratsiyas JSF.
Carriers: F-16 Block 50, F-4E, in the future, after the conclusion of a contract to supply 116 F-35 aircraft equipped foreseen these more modern fighters (suspension point 2.10)

Export potential:

To project shows strong enthusiasm Norway, which considers the SOM as a perspective of their own weapons of their own F-35.

Rocket SOM is a fairly effective means of equipping fighters, allowing to significantly expand their fighting properties. The appearance of it in Turkey significantly affect the balance of power in the region.
F-35A with full of supplies of fuel has (without PTB) with a radius of 1080 km, which allows him to reach even the Turkish countryside to Volgograd. In the case of settling down missiles with a range of 180-300 km to the act, impact the ability of the Turkish F-35 fighter jets will grow more than once.

The Turks did not hide the fact that the current modification of the missile is only a first step. At the current time, are being developed with a range of modifications of 500 km, and in the future is the creation in 2014 on the basis of the latest SOM missiles with a range of 2500 km.

We have found 4 versions of the rocket:

SOM A: basic model, a range of 180 km and with an ordinary inertial guidance system only model currently stored in the stage production.

SOM B Block I: developing a model with an infrared system to select targets.

SOM Block II: developing a model with a penetrating (double penetrating act) warhead to destroy hardened targets perfectly.

SOM Block I / II: a proposed model of online data exchange, which will allow to control the course of the rocket in flight.
SOM in a variant Block I / II is similar to the American aircraft missile JASSM, means (the upcoming) to use the CD versions of land and sea-based

On the video presentation of the manufacturer (see below), the visual contours of the attacked country is very much like Greece and destroyed air defense complex is very similar to C-300

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