Turkish desire and ability of Turkish

During the innings Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's ambitions greatly enhanced. If previously a favorite of the Islamic world including Egypt, after the overthrow of the presidency of Hosni Mubarak, Cairo has lost the status of the head of the geopolitical player in the regional scale. Erdogan, perhaps more than anyone else of the favorites of the Muslim countries, felt that might stand for a seat behind the wheel of the Islamic ship. His numerous trips and fiery speeches read as soft-spoken specifically about that. It would seem that the very current situation of Turkey Erdogan pushes for decisive action. In 1-x, Turkey is now one of the most numerous army in the middle of all the countries in NATO, in-2, — just perfect position on the world map. The mere possession of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, through which the vast military and trade flows, defines the geo-strategic advantage in the region of Ankara. Bosphorus and the Dardanelles — the real trump card of Turkey, which is laid out in this case other diplomatic vectors lead to deadlock.

But emergence of Turkey as a country with the ambitions of the regional favorite, now often run counter to the interests of other countries. And there are several countries at once. In-1's, the number of such countries is hypothetically Russian Federation.

Historical chronicles tell that in the twenties Our homeland for Turkey was a state that was among the first Turkish statehood. Some time between Russia (USSR) and Turkey were truly mutually beneficial and fully neighborly affairs. But time passed, there has long been the Soviet Union, because of certain configurations in the case between Moscow and Ankara have taken place on an impartial reasons. This is due to the fact that both countries want to keep control of the South Caucasus. But, as everyone knows, the very South Caucasus — is not too far a uniform education, where there is a fairly own contradictions. In 1-x is the situation with the natural mutual rejection of Turkey and Armenia. In-2, is a confessional intimacy between Turkey and Azerbaijan. B-3, is Georgia, which by all means try to get into NATO. Turkey is trying to promote in the South Caucasus as its interests in the military-political terms and in economic terms. One variant of the economic pressure on Russia — a sample of the project pipeline bypassing Russian countryside — «Nabucco».

At the same time, the Russian-Turkish affairs, no matter how strained at times they may seem, can always go to a productive level. And then, as they say, "guns fall silent." The fact is that trade between the two countries-name for the last "five years" has increased fourfold. Such a breakthrough explains the orientation towards mutually beneficial cooperation. One may read about the Turkish army, its plans for political supremacy in the Caucasus, but a severe dependence on Russian business — there. Remember even how relaxed faded away samples of the Turkish authorities to abandon the procurement of Russian gas. But the negotiating process and just plain common sense to dot the i. We should not forget that the Turkish economy is now kept, including, and in tourism. And, according to the statistical agencies, particularly in the Russian tourists leave Turkey the most money.

But we will not cheat: after all, our home is interested in economic cooperation with Turkey. It turns out that, despite all the manifest differences, neither Erdogan nor the management of our country are not ready to contrive a large-scale confrontation over short-term ambitions.

But there are countries that do not openly welcome the strengthening Turkey region. In the middle of the country of Israel. After the Turkish government organized a trip to the shores of Palestine so called "Freedom Flotilla", and after the attack on this "flotilla" of Israeli Special Forces, things between Ankara and Tel Aviv have reached an impasse. The impasse also exacerbated by the fact that the United States can not yet ventured on which side they stand in such a sensitive issue as the Turkish-Israeli affairs. On the one hand — Turkey as a NATO member, on the other hand — a loyal vassal of Israel. A problem that could put South American administration to a standstill.

With nedavneshnih then added fuel to the fire besides France, which adopted a law prohibiting do not recognize in its territory the genocide against the Armenians by the Turks in the early 20 th century.

But political analysts here are of the worldview that such a move by the French authorities is related not so much to the reluctance of France to add Erdogan geopolitical dividends, as with the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy, the dreamer's second term, wants to prove that he is inclined to make promises that he once had the courage to to make. In addition, there was also a world view that France has decided to put the political bandwagon Erdogan in his desire to Turkey in the European Alliance.

Do not forget that a number of Arab countries are not burning desire to recognize Turkey as a leading country of the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia, taking the habit of playing a double game, trying to show that she has this kind of leadership for more rights.

It turns out that Turkey is, as it were, and with the West and the East, but that's just neither the West nor the East are not in a hurry to be bound by fraternal ties with Ankara. We outline the contradictions in regards to the Turkey tongued illustrates one of the events at the end of the year. By the readers of the magazine Time, Erdogan was elected as man of the year "conductor Islamic democracy", but it is only by the readers … Editors of the magazine took the liberty and did not accept the "will of the people." Instead Erdogan appeared on the cover of the magazine some collective image of the protestor — Party protests.

Because of Ankara's ambitions can be broken chunk of the global "non-recognition of" the importance of not only the most Erdogan, and the entire Turkey. Desires with abilities, as we know, are often not the same …

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