Turkish Gambit Gref? Proclamation to Posner for Medvedev

This week Gref buys Turkish bank for $ 120 billion. RR. It's the biggest purchase of Sberbank abroad … Gref's dream come true. He now will have a "laundry" abroad. What is there offshore … There are already beginning to overlap the taps … And here such bank airfield, such grand master stroke, such gambit, such a sacrifice in the name of public funds ….

I think that without the consent of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev such transactions are. And it's a big mystery to me. So littering means? Tears pour that capital flees from Russia … And here an example of such a sweeping merchant life … I see this as a direct personal enthusiasm, disguised as false, fictitious interests of, but rather personal Gref. This TURKISH GAMBIT Graefe, his "step" for the beginning of 120 billion rubles. Who? And why?

It is necessary to stop the deal, and it is celebrated this week in an emergency procedure. It is necessary to check the deal on corruption "lice". Silent and Anti-Corruption Committee of the Stalin made by the Communist Party before the election. Silent and the main fighter against corruption Bulk. Silent and organizer of the Italian strike Mironov. That's such a strike would organize it against Turkish Gambit Gref.

On Monday Medvedev will have to transfer Posner in 22 hours. I will direct this question, like others, Posner to Medvedev: Who is profitable deal Sberbank's acquisition of a Turkish bank. Does the moral right to be in the Government Shuvalov? What the Minister for Relations with the Open Government. Is not it better to use the office of Minister for another purpose?

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