Two nights spent — and not rock the boat

Gomel Regional Court Judge Alexander narrows dismissed member of the United Civil Party, a former police officer Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh punishment for 2 days of arrest.

"I told the court that my arrest on March 25 for gross abuse at a bus stop — this is pure provocation. A district police officer made recently released from prison convict falsely testify against me. However, the judge asked why I did not take into ilzhesvedki written confirmation? "- Said Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh.

March 25 at the beginning of the seventh am an activist came to a stop of public transport to get to the train station and go to Minsk on Freedom Day celebration. However, at the bus stop SWAT officers arrested Vladimir and taken to the police station. There's a police inspector activist Sergei Pavlyushchanka up a report of alleged gross abuse.

In court, the Railway District Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh filed a motion on how to conduct a psychiatric examination of him, because, as he says himself on a deserted street only a madman could swear. He also requested to call a witness Valery Potapenko, who allegedly heard swearing. But the judge Railway area Anatoly Sotnikov rejected all petitions pensioner MIA and sentenced him to two days of administrative arrest. This penalty Vladimir and tried to challenge in the regional court, but to no avail.

The activist intends to cancel the verdict of the Supreme Court, and if need be, and the UN Committee on Human Rights.


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