U.S. astronomer videotaped cylindrical UFO

October 26, 2012 18:45

Cylindrical UFO was filmed on camera by an amateur astronomer from Kentucky. Several witnesses also watching the aircraft, told police that the object emitted a bright glow.

Photo: huffingtonpost.com

Astronomer Allen Ipling October 16 at home, receiving visitors, when one of the invited attention of the house to a strange glowing object hovering in the sky.

Ipling took the telescope to view the unusual phenomenon, and a video camera, which was filming the.

"The object was similar to the two fluorescent tubes arranged in parallel. It resembled a star with an extremely bright light. I'm sure it's not a plane, because that day was a clear, cloudless sky, provide a clear address unknown device "- explains the amateur astronomer.

Allen posted the video of a UFO on YouTube, wanting to hear the views of others.

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