U.S. Navy is testing a new system of carrier landing

U.S. Navy is testing a new system of carrier landing
Team Navy air traffic control systems PMA-213 (Naval Air Traffic Management Systems Program Office) is working on a pilot testing harmless single system approach JPALS (Joint Precision Approach and Landing System), reports ASDNews June 28.
JPALS is an all-weather landing system with the introduction of satellite global positioning system GPS, designed for ships and land for airfields. In May this year, the system graduated from the last round of tests aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush (CVN 77).
Aboard the aircraft carrier for 11 days were 52 employees who tested the software JPALS. Trials have involved two F/A-18C Hornet fighter from the test and evaluation squadron (VX) 23, Helicopter MH-60S (test and evaluation squadron (HX) 21, aviastantsiyah Navy Patuxent River), as modified aircraft Beechcraft King Air Airport (St. Mary).
«Fighters» Hornet «performed 65 landings and touch the deck. «King Air» performed at least 29 low-altitude approach to the deck of an aircraft carrier. We are very pleased with the fruits acquired because precision approach and landing aircraft has significantly improved, «says managing group PMA-213 Lee Mason (Lee Mason). With the end of the two-week test system in the late summer and rush for the second phase of testing inclusive to obtain permission for rapid implementation. «JPALS provides landing aircraft in adverse weather criteria funny day and NIGHT MODE, in addition, will allow to use it for other landing aircraft fleets. This system is more suitable for carrier-based fighters F-35 aircraft and drones promising sea-based, «added Mason.

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