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Modern international conflicts, despite their apparent uniqueness, originality and unpredictability, own and develop a huge similarity in general are one and the same laws. This in turn allows them to foreshadow the future development and consider these conflicts as to external control. Modern conflicts can and should be controlled on the basis of general laws for all of their emergence, evolution and resolution. Perceptions of international conflict as a purely personal and unpredictable phenomena lead to a belated and ineffective response to the fact and to unsafe practice of political improvisation.

In modern conflicts technology information and psychological warfare used within four dominant cultural and civilizational models: Anglo-Saxon (members — the U.S., Britain, the British Commonwealth countries), East Asian (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, etc.), Middle East (the Islamic world: Arab countries, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia) and the Roman-Germanic (Western Europe), each of which seeks to convert the political systems of the conflicting parties in accordance with their view of the world. In this article we thoroughly discuss the Anglo Saxon model.
Of Anglo-Saxon areas, in accordance with the prevailing environment in their Protestant worldview, consider conflict resolution in the main as an opportunity to rework the world for themselves, under their model of society. It shows excellent «peace» U.S. activities, based on 2-main concepts:
— «Hard power» or «force appeasement» fundamentally based on the preference of using armed force to resolve political conflicts;
— «Soft power» or «export of democracy» based on the use of coercive methods configuration political picture of the world under its own standards («democratic peace») and the massive use of information and psychological technologies «nonviolent» configuration of state power («velvet revolutions») in countries which do not seek to voluntarily enter into the outer wake of U.S. policy.
Almost the same activity of the USA and its NATO allies to «peace enforcement» and «forced to democracy» in different regions of the world not only does not eliminate the root causes of political conflicts occurring there, but on the contrary often leads to aggravation and the transition to a new, more ambitious, level. Thus, the political conflict in Iraq, which has become a new impetus for the aggravation of ethnic and religious clashes between Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Kurds, is able to engage in a protracted armed conflict almost the entire Middle East; conflicts in the Balkans, in Kosovo, not only led to the heart of Europe naikrupneyshgo mono-ethnic enclave with a population belonging to different cultural traditions, and became a springboard for international extremists for the upcoming deployment of the outer expansion (invasion «Liberation Army Kosovo «in Macedonia).
Regional conflicts are triggered specifically in areas of the U.S. strategic economic or military value, in order to ensure that under the guise of peacemaking its military and political presence. Direct result of such activity — a terrible precedent for the recognition of Kosovo’s independence; Rates on the formation of this enclave in the new military-political subject of international relations (the so-called «NATO-state») makes excuses and springboard for new «humanitarian intervention.»
Exactly the same is the purpose of most of the developed and the U.S. operations of information-psychological impact on conflict. In the near future operations such disposition made joining voedinyzhdy under the title «psychological war.»
As well as a traditional war, psychological war consists of a series of military operations, united by a common plan. Despite the abundance of species rather huge mental operations used in the political struggle, planning and implementation of the majority of their Anglo-Saxons is subject to the same logic.
In accordance with this scheme, the standard operation information-psychological warfare consists of the following steps:
1. Political division of society into large social groups;
2. Political polarization formed social groups (social groups impose conflicting ideologies among themselves);
3. Initiation political activity of social groups (in accordance with the role assigned to them script operations).
4. Controlled chain reaction (behavior management social groups).
5. Adjusting initial plans operations (reverse link).
Information-psychological operation starts on the initiation of the process division of society into fairly large politically homogeneous social groups which then will be provided information and psychological impact. Example of such separation — «unity» of civilization in the face of danger, for example, war — with all this going on the union of all political camps: supporters as power solutions, and its enemies are also some serious disassociation from others.
Imagine that the information-psychological operation — a form of realization of the political programs from the aggressor state. In this case, its purpose — on the one hand, the union supporters and mobilizing policy aggressor and their transformation into obedient instrument of policy, on the other, ensuring that the voluntary submission of the society that can not take a political ideology, political strategists developed an aggressor state, and as a consequence, their actions are very active hinder the political course of this country in the sphere of international relations. To achieve this purpose it is necessary, first, to divide society along political lines into two or more camps:
— a group of people willing to generally support the political course of the aggressor and as consisting of people of their own country and people from other states (supporters);
— a group of people belonging to the bad policies and ready to resist its implementation (opponents);
— a group of people undecided with your own, including — politically passive; waverers, expectant and ready to join the majority;
— a group of sympathizers (potential allies).
As a result, such division in the society formed new social groups, proponents of private informal environment favorites, around which there is an initial association of politically active people adhering to generally close political views and beliefs. Formed a certain social environment characterized by excessive sensitivity to the «point» control information and psychological impact.
In the upcoming social groups in political self-organization processes occur. Political positions of individual members of a social group «lapped» to each other and become more constructive categorical polar. Uniformly doubt disappear in balance and reasonable sufficiency political beliefs, which keeps the group and, in assessing those or other events begin to dominate the collective worldview, which is always more lightweight and categorical than private world. As a result, such a process of self-organization in the group formed by the collective consciousness, guidance in choosing their own solutions to end, a relatively small number of reasons that makes this group more vulnerable to external control action — reasons (arguments), usually slightly, as follows, group easily convinced of the truth or falsity of something for something else.
Incentive prerequisite for starting the process of dividing society into groups is motivated by stuffing information in place specially formed political ideology, containing within itself the image of political action, his political assessment and a set of rules of conduct in special criteria produced marked event in the political life of civilization, a group of entities or international policy world society as a whole. In the criteria shortcomings impartial disk imaging from the field, the heterogeneity and diversity of sources of disk imaging interpretation of events dominant political actors, such an ideology provides a ready assessment of what is happening in almost all cases — is quite lightweight, schematic and psychologically comfortable for ordinary perception wimp.
One of the clearest examples of the introduction of technologies of political stratification, allowed to form in the minds of the «moral right» on the preventive use of military force was the development of the creation and management of a way external enemy — «international terrorism», owns with 2 important features — Transnational and cross-border . Fluctuations does not appear that the results of the implementation of this technology had (and continue to have) a significant impact on the evolution of modern political processes, conflicts and crises.
The fight against the so-called international terrorism — a psychic surgery that has allowed the United States to influence the orientation of many states (directly to embed them in the wake of its own foreign policy, putting their work under fairly tight control), as well — forms the new military-political coalition of the willing to influence the foreign policy of many countries .
For the ruling elites of countries that do not wish to submit to the military-political machine United States, was successfully created an object of collective struggle, not having a nationality and municipal boundaries — international terrorism, with which to fight on at least some areas, even if this requires the invasion of area sovereign country because if the government has their own land base of international terrorists, means it supports it; or strength is not enough, that without the help of others to repay hotbeds of terrorism — then he needs to promote. U.S. allies in NATO and other activities undertaken to «pacification» of modern international terrorism conflicts image — a good excuse to justify their own role in military conflicts initiated by the United States, the citizens of their own states — in fact, according to the political myth of international terrorism, they are war not with certain peoples and nations, and with the global scourge, which have neither the state nor the territorial jurisdiction.
For the population of states were compelled to support U.S. policy was created closer to realizing a personalized image of international terrorism — in the face of a specific person, Osama bin Laden, a man alien to European cultural identity, bearing individual danger to life and health of each (through terrorist acts, from which hardly anyone can be insured). So Makar, voter, voting for the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, got the opportunity to express their hatred not in relation to an abstract international terrorist threat (which is not perceived in the minds of people as a threat to the individual, to him personally, his life and health, his family and t . etc.), and in relation to a particular person, the appearance and behavior which causes a subconscious fear into the most ordinary, everyday level.
No hesitation, that the use of the above technologies forming species common enemy led to the unification of the volunteer or coercion around the U.S. at least, the leading European states that, together with the configuration under the influence of the U.S. concept of NATO (with emphasis on «peace enforcement»), fettered freedom of political will and, ultimately, to ensure their voluntary subjugate the United States. Which, incidentally, is the main goal of all mental operations. As a result, the United States uses an international authority, the real capacity and human resources acquired such makarom allies in all conflicts with his participation, shaping and promoting the image of the entire collective role of international society in the resolution or escalation of conflict, covering their brutal acts different mandates of confidence from the «international community «represented by its allies, manipulating the principle of collective responsibility and making more risky political decisions hands allies.
As a result, the division of society along political lines that set appears politically active social groups, which are used in information and psychological operations as objects of mental processing. Of course, that those social groups which, in principle, support the political course of the aggressor, become the main driving force of psychic surgery, the tip of the «ram» that will strike nepokorlivym and compelling reasons to become uncertain and vacillating. But in order to this part of society became obedient inventory in the hands of political strategists psychic war, it is necessary that it has become manageable. For this operation comes another phase — the phase of implementation of technologies of political polarization.

In order to form as a result of political stratification social group became manageable, it is necessary that inside the group formed its own system of norms of political behavior, the implementation of mandatory to uncontested for all its members. Formation of such a system of norms of political behavior occurs as a result of exposure to a group of political strategists developed outer ideology.
As a result, the system of rules of conduct basic political ideology aggressor becomes a social group is the only rule of conduct «rules of the game» for at least some of its members, which makes this group obedient implements the policy of the aggressor.
Usually, the provisions of the basic ideology formed such makarom to smooth the effects of stress citizen suffering from its «voluntary-compulsory» inclusion in the political group (the subconscious always with pinpoint accuracy recognizes and reacts to the used-to-person psychological coercion), and against the background of such acceptable therapeutic intervention to form in his mind mental comfort. Almost always occurs as a result of such exposure illusion of security and information advantages lead to the replacement of the volunteer in the mind of its own assessments, conclusions and judgments (his picture of the world) on a ready-made set of positions of political ideology. Ultimately, the political behavior of a person scaled down to fit the ideological «umbrella» at all important (based on the belief scenario psychic surgery) configurations, the political situation is built in accordance with the ideology contained in the basic political attitudes and becomes quite predictable, which is as follows, and manageable
Rules of political behavior in this kind of basic ideology — schematically constructed on undisputed abstract implementation included in the text sequence, the program that starts when it pledged outer initiation mechanism. Position the base ideology does not allow for multi-variant of behavioral responses to the same political situation. A common example of political polarization technology are organizing and conducting the «velvet revolutions». Western media openly write that now technology operations to introduce democracy in using civilian disobedience campaigns so polished that they turned into ways to control other people’s victory in the elections and the change of political regimes. With regard to the «orange revolution» in Ukraine correspondent Ian Traynor Guardian has openly stated that she painstakingly planned, organized and carried out under the supervision of the United States, with the introduction of the latest U.S. technology control mass consciousness, «this campaign — the creation of the Yankees, refined and brilliantly planned teaching on mass marketing and promotion of Western brand, which has been applied in four countries in four years to save the rigged elections and overthrowing regimes unpresentable. «
Recognizable Russian political analyst Sergei Kara-Murza so describes the processing chain for the proper implementation of «velvet revolutions»:
1. Psychological division of the population into «ours» and «not ours», using the symbolism of marketing «revolution» and other cute fashion solutions that promote the process of subconscious identity of people is not so much a political ideology «revolutionaries», but with their cute way and catchy symbols; introduction of symbolism «revolution» in vogue;
2.Sozdanie kind of collective enemy and establish a dictatorship of the interpretation of events;
3. Implementation of consciousness «revolutionary masses» ideological stamps, justifying the use of violence, use of all means for the generous purpose («the inevitability of victory», «people can not be beat») and diluting the feeling of personal responsibility (because it happens in weight). The purpose of this — the creation of supporting the idea of ​​a «revolution» spontaneous personalities and completely controlled substance — political weight, becoming obedient supplies outdoor incarnation of political will, without hesitation going to any provocation, violation of the law (mental imaging technologies and management are now being studied as a weight of one of the directions social psychology);
3.Naruzhny «warming up» to form a political crowd, increased mental stress, including — in anticipation of unknown events that are about to happen and all cardinally change.
Identical system ideological assumptions and principles of construction used in the basic ideology of modern Western totalitarian sects. But sects aim the complete subordination of consciousness adherents, while technologists interested in mental agility operations only political consciousness and behavior.
Many say that the mental processing of the population in the «orange revolution» spin doctors Staff Yushchenko used the techniques of mind control gains, which are described in their own publications recognized researcher Steven Hassen totalitarian sects. In «Mind control and the paradox of the cult» He identifies three stages of the conquest of the mind control:
1. Defrost. At this stage, a person or group of people are forced to abandon the critical perception of reality, independent thinking and immediately impose stereotypes and behaviors, profitable manipulators. With all of this no matter what the other point of view is considered as a pre-or incorrect «coming from the devil.»
2. Changing. At this stage, there is an active emotional and psychological treatment convert to introduce him to a state of euphoria, and this new state is interpreted as a sign of initiation to the «higher goals» or «common cause.»
3. Freezing (conservation of new stereotypes). At this stage, the rejection of an old identity and its replacement by a modern identity. Person feels «spiritually reborn» member of the «modern family» «Saved.»
In the name of «big goals» he becomes able to go to the self-sacrifice: to transfer its ownership, recruiting new members, fundraising, etc. He changes his clothes, hairstyle, language, from time to time gets a new name and so completely infused into the newest «family.»
Mental processing «orange» his supporters and sympathizers simply breathtakingly coincides exactly with that described S. Hassenom mind control technology used in modern totalitarian sects. Thus, during the «orange revolution» psychological treatment of people also took place in three steps:
First step — «defrost»: inspired people that their «stolen victory» means of large-scale «fraud» and called to «protect their own choices» (Although electoral violations have been on both sides).
2nd Step — «change»: people artificially introduced into a trance state, suggesting to them that they — this brand new «emerging civilization» that is «fighting for independence» from the «gangster government.» Sensual «pumping» occurred through continuous alternation of «revolutionary» songs and «revolutionary» mottos that can make some extraordinary «atmosphere Maidan» (Although this «atmosphere» you can feel completely at least some non-personal meeting totalitarian sect).
Third step — «freezing»: people artificially «mothballed» in a new status — «born of civilization,» ability to influence «the latest power» and thus determine the «march of history» (Though, capitalizing on people’s desire to improve the lives and opportunities in the country for this purpose go to sacrifice, came to power old political elite, previously intensively builds «criminal Kuchma regime»).
Vorachivayas to the role of political polarization in the basal ideology, it is worth noting that in modern mental operations occasionally used only one basic ideology developed for the social group that provides its own unquestioned support the political course of the aggressor; usually similar ideological system being developed for other groups arising in the course of political stratification, while both groups of successive or potential allies, which require only basic ideology unimportant modification, and for obvious or sheltered enemies, subject to a special development polarization effects.
For enemies aggressor course, organized in their own social groups, the process of political polarization is associated with all the same partial substitution of one’s own values ​​and ideological positions estimates imported from outside, which comes in the form of a sequence of steps follow:
— resistance to the implementation of the provisions of the basic ideology of consciousness leads not only to identify these goals aggressor (positive result), and a partial penetration into the consciousness of political enemies basic installations ideology aggressor (bad outcome); penetration occurs through the psychic consciousness negation operator,
— penetrating further into the human subconscious basic ideology aggressor provisions, supplemented existing in conscious psychological activities negation operator is exempt from that statement and, almost in its original form it fixed.
Here valid popular physiological feature of human psyche: the notion of «no» in the subconscious field of higher nervous activity does not exist, the negation operator in these criteria does not work: for example, if a child walking on the curb, give the command «do not fall», the possibility of fall for all this repeatedly growing. So Makar, under acts such schemes on the transfer provisions of the ideology of an aggressor through the consciousness of political opponents in their subconscious, only in the minds of these concepts are fixed in a bad context, with the negation operator, in the subconscious as this operator is lost and the basic provisions of the ideology of fixed real. ;
If the process of political polarization in the main completed, in effect information-psychological technology vector control political activity of social groups, which include initiation OUTDOOR political activity and behavioral response chain management, ensuring operation inherent in personal and general group consciousness method of political behavior.
In this scheme of psychic surgery political activity is regulated by means of social groups 2-major mental control devices:
— in-1-x, is embedded in the minds of members of the political group through the provisions of the basic ideology sets of policies and rules of political behavior, each of which has its own mechanism of initiation; such sets, usually several, while in real time in the group policy is only one set, and the others are inactive waiting own outer initiation;
— in-2, is a feature of the human psyche, based on associativity external perception of the reality.
For example, it is clear that, at the time of finding a person in a certain mental state (eg, excited) to touch him or shake his hand, then this action will be recorded in his subconscious and definitely related to his mental state at the time time, i.e. formed accurate associative array; if you touch or gesture with repetition designated initiator side with respect to this person, even if much time was spent, lost the initial excitement and background in real time, he is in a stable mental state different from the previous one, work associative array and returns to its previous people excited state, and the gesture will provide for that person outer chain initiation mental reactions. In psychology, based on this particular human psyche has developed and implemented numerous technology «psychological anchoring» in which recorded in the subconscious feeling states are called «anchors». In the human subconscious «anchors» are associated with external factors leading to their initiation means personal associative chain, which can be used at any moment to return the person to the stored subconscious emotional state and mental impact of small change rapidly psychological condition and human behavior, «switching «it from a steady state border, and vice versa. These abilities of modern «anchor» techniques make significant ability to shelter, manipulative control in a human consciousness through his subconscious activity.
In this case, the initial initiation applets political group behavior occurs, usually from the external control signal; but following a chain reaction and sequential substitution, as they develop goals and achievements perineal surgery some other sets of political attitudes occurs, usually without external role, since those goals crotch mental operations that are achieved as a result of the activities of a social group at Merit becoming the new «trigger» — runs the automatic substitution of the former set of behaviors already absolutely worked on the latest from the set contained in the basic ideology. A common example of technology implementation management politically active groups through programming and chain initiation of behavioral responses are all the same «velvet revolution.» In their formation politically active group of revolutionaries ends their transformation into political weight elemental mass seekers wherever throw their destructive energy. Specifically, this occurs as a result of the initiation of the outer activity of the crowd, during which she set a goal and sent the entire political sharply release the energy of the crowd to kill the enemy (technology-managed public explosion).
And, finally, in the latest developments of the mental operations provides a special mechanism for external intervention — the so called mechanism of «feedback». It is designed for rapid adjustment circuit operation, in case she goes according to plan.
In fact, this — frisky response mechanism when adjustments are made to the criteria for an actual lack of time and resources. Repeatedly increasing the efficiency of mental operations, this mechanism, a place with that, enters into the process additional hazards and elements of chance. Evaluating the effectiveness of its operations on the outer manifestations in an environment that is focused on its impact, is always personal, and no shortage of time enables online collect statistics of observations required for the adoption of a single correct solution. The existence of this personal factor, making for the implementation of mental operations danger nestled outside controls. In other words, the initiative can intercept force against which focuses psychic surgery.

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