U.S. scientists have found a graveyard of dinosaurs




A huge prehistoric graveyard of dinosaurs found in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Sul Brazilian scientists. According to the news agency "Foglia" the age of the found remains of fossil reptiles of the order of 90 million years.

For the first time in Brazil found a cluster of numerous fairly well-preserved skeletons of prehistoric animals, among which are found the remains of both herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as crocodiles and fish.

Brazilian scientists find proves the theory that there was once in the mountainous and arid region of Brazil fresh water, the agency said.

On the basis of the size and characteristics of the vertebral ridge found specimens, scientists concluded that the current Brazilian territory inhabited by some of the largest ancient reptiles — Diplodocus, which had a large neck and a huge trunk and eat plant food. According to scientists, in South America 90 million years ago, grows lush tropical vegetation, let's feed the Diplodocus.

Earlier in this region of Brazil has found the remains of prehistoric mammals — mastodons and giant sloths.

According to one of the scientists, paleontologists Carlos Kandeyru found the remains of dinosaurs are so similar with the remains of ancient reptiles found in Morocco, it proves once existed between Africa and America. The discovery was made just two weeks ago, so scientists expect to be able to do a lot more sensational claims.

Battery News, 05.02.2005 6:51
Source: RIA "Novosti"

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