UFO clouds kill birds?

October 21, 2012 2:53

This photo has a strange object in the clouds made the 23-year-old Callum Sherwood (Calum Sherwood) in Workington (UK).

According to him, on the same day (last Monday) at a nearby site in the garden of his girlfriend were found dead dozens of birds on the ground. According to the owner of the garden, Sharon Larkin, who is a lover of mysterious and UFOs, these two events may be linked.

Experts, however, say a circle on the photo rare side effect of cloud formation or crystallization of water in the clouds after the passage of an object with a jet engine.

In the words of Sharon, this area has long marked by a large UFO activity. She showed photos to many people and most are that it may be just an unusual cloud, but he is too clear boundaries.

— On the same day, when Callum made his shot, I found in my garden, a lot of dead birds on the ground. Most were blackbirds and sparrows. This is either a coincidence (rather unusual), or due to the emergence of the "cloud" in the sky.

According to representatives of the weather bureau, the trace in the sky like a contrail, but not like the one that is left of civil aircraft, likely flown military.

Sharon Larkin says that on the same day heard an unusual sound, like a clanging "claws on metal." And a round object in the sky, she watched for at least 20 minutes (the article does not specify whether he was gone after 20 minutes, if it is then gone). Never anything like this before Sharon did not.

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