UFO has stolen the hill?




The Mexican coast disappeared … more than half of a giant hill. And it is not because of the tsunami, as one would think after December 26.

January 7 at 8.54 am a journalist and photographer Luis Gonzalez of the newspaper «El Imparcial» was driving on the highway along the coast. He not only saw the UFO appeared, but managed to take his picture. When a mysterious object flew away, "there was a strange phenomenon, because of which the rocks have changed their view." At 14.08 the day the scene was photographed again: the pictures show that part of the hill gone somewhere.

Astronomers, who left the scene, sat there for two days, but have found the explanation images. According to them, it's all — optical illusion due to the difference in temperature between the air and the soil, contributing to the emergence of mirages.

"The pictures imprinted mirage effect, known as the refraction of light — the professor said Saucedo Morales. — These optical illusions can be seen from different directions. "

Apparently, the "disappeared" up the hill to the arrival of the three astronomers, among whom was our compatriot Anton Lipovskii, was in the same place …

Ufonavigator 12 / December 2005

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