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The room "KP" January 11, p. , we talked about the work of the Italian art critic Diego Kuogi. He studied the paintings of the Middle Ages, in which the modern "experts on anomalous phenomena" saw "flying saucers." And he came to the conclusion that it is not well-versed in the art of hard to understand the language of religious symbols, which used the old masters painting.

From the findings Kuogi agreed not to all readers. And sent the reproduction of other medieval works, where they think, still shows the aircraft aliens.

This story is common in medieval paintings.

All in the bag … Cardinal

"In the film" The Life of Saints "by Paolo Uccello at the foot of the cross is clearly visible classic" flying saucer. " The artist even painted swirl of air, showing the dynamics of the movement. No expert in the arts can not explain what it is. "

Cyril Luchkov, art teacher, Perm.


And according to Dr. Kuogi: "Any art historian specializing in medieval Italian paintings, just to say that" saucer "- the most common cardinal's hat with cords, garters — a symbol of the high priest's dignity. The painting depicts the various acts of the saints venerated by the Catholic Church. In the cross with the crucified Christ is Saint Jerome. It is known that at the peak of his spiritual career, gave up all the best and become a hermit. Dropped a red cardinal's hat just means giving up a career. And the "air turbulence" — strings that are always fastened to this headdress.

In Jesus underfoot not "flying machine", and a hat.

"Saucer" was a pigeon in a luminous cloud.

As the Holy Spirit descends

Alexey Nikolaev from Rostov and Nail Nasyrov from Tyumen asked to give an explanation of another painting, "At work, a Flemish artist de Gelder" Baptism "" disk-shaped object emits rays of light on Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. "

In the last article we talked about the fact that a beam of light — just a welcome, often used by artists to show how God or the angels transmit "wards" some news. But, as the authors write letters, "baptism of Jesus — a famous scene of the Gospels, and the inhabitants of heaven here there was no need to report anything on Earth."


"If you increase the fragment — explains Diego Kuogi — you can see that in the center of" disc-shaped object "is by no means a stranger, aѕ dove. In the form of this bird artists often depicted the Holy Spirit — the element of the Trinity. The artist simply tried to show how it is — the Holy Spirit — descends. "


Indians — such dreamers!

We asked readers: "What is depicted in cave paintings of North American Hopi Indians?" After all, scientists argue, and no exact answer.

The answers varied. From the apocalyptic "Hopi to the cloud as a vibratory center on the top, on which they relied in the afternoon, when they came to the place specified creators, in order to escape the first destruction of the Earth", to clearly fantastic "blockheads Oorfene Deuce of illustrations for" The Wizard of Oz, "the book who got a time machine into the past. "

We are also pleased to read the description of various models of biological robots with the technical specifications (speed, weight, consumption toplivaѕ). Participants of the competition with drawings and mathematical calculations called a dozen stars, where the Indians were flying depicted in Figures teachers — kachinos. A few options for alternative history of mankind deserve to be transmitted to a detailed study of the Academy of Sciences.

Terms of the competition we have printed 11 January — the first working day after the winter break. And hoping to entertain you. Therefore, as the winners chosen people who have sent the most fun answers:

Exhausted family life man portrayed himself, jumping over the fire (the wife brought). Jump, I suppose, bad. The very missus — with his head in the shape of a saw.

Olga, Moscow, Solncevo.

It sketches the carnival (ritual) costumes. The first — a suit cork flying out of a bottle or other container (perhaps champagne). The second sketch — a suit corkscrew.

Lyudmila Istomin


(The version offered with a corkscrew and Daria Snegiryov of Wow, but Lyudmila this variant is described thoroughly.)

Sergei Yaz from Irkutsk suggested that the first icon pictured in front of the corresponding portion of the forest or the valley, and it meant something like "Caution, diarrhea." Still, the man was unable to say that, in this case referring to the second picture. Therefore, the third prize goes not to him but to Alexander Pronin from Lipetsk, nominating version "icon shown on the left drevneindeysky the toilet, and the right — the barbershop."

Congratulations to the winners.

The prize — a brand champagne "Komsomolskaya Pravda" — will be delivered to you within a month.

Andrew MOISEENKO moisey@kp.ru January 25, 2005

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