UFO showed me the way




"That's what I want to tell, there was a year ago, at the end of last summer. I woke up at about five o'clock in the morning from lack of air in the room, as it often is in the midst of a short, choking and dry summer in central Russia. Suddenly the bedroom illuminated beam of intense red width of about half a meter. A color I had never seen in nature, it was unnatural: blood red with a touch of neon. It looked like the dense as matter. It does not reflect off objects in the room, and passed through them like a knife through butter.
At first I was scared, but fear quickly turned to curiosity and I decided to look at the light source (at the time when it happened, I was lying with his back to the window.) I turned to the window and … what I saw was above my imagination: right before my eyes, a few shifted to the left from the center of the window, hung aircraft cup-shaped with a dome and a bit of a rectangular cabin. Of this car came two beams merge into one broad, which pierced my window.

Suddenly a ray touched my back. I felt an unbearable burning sensation in the spine and neck, as if someone was pouring hot metal into my spinal canal. I thought I was going to take the life. "Do not!" — Mentally I cried. At that moment, everything disappeared. There was no pain, no fear, no surprise. I drank some water and went to sleep.

Over the next two weeks, I felt an extraordinary hunger for information. I read everything, from articles in local newspapers to Kuprina short stories and novels, three volumes of which "swallowed" literally three days. I was magnetically drawn to the new knowledge, and, almost without thinking, I gave the documents to the psychology department of the University.

Some time later, I experienced the phenomenon of expansion of consciousness, as if I was doing yoga. The impression, as if the whole body of knowledge about the world, nature and man at the same time and was carefully embedded in my mind. I suffered an unusual joy of life and felt the presence of God in my every endeavor. In my environment began to appear interesting people, communicating with whom I get much more than in all previous years 'standard' life. Miracles continue to this day.

I believe in life, in the limitless possibilities of the human mind. I know that God is present in all of us, and opening the world, we promote the manifestation of God in the world. "

Elena Svirina,

18 Secret Power 2004

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