UFOs always come at the most critical moments in the most turning points in human history

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"Flying saucer" always come at the most critical moments in the most turning points in human history. Their "visits" were so out of place that UFOs are often accused of being, that they staged all this. No exception and the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which shook the whole world, seeing a UFO over the destroyed reactor, people started to say that a nuclear power plant blew up the aliens!
Actually blew her irresponsible people who spent at Unit 4 Chernobyl risky experiment. To automatic protection system does not interfere with that they, simply cut off!

"The Chernobyl disaster was a man guilty of the accident from the beginning to the end — said Maj. Gen. ND Cockroaches, who commanded the military" liquidators ". — The mind boggles as crime select personnel for this very important subject … Just boggles the mind and the fact that on a feature, like nuclear power plants, in the pursuit of short-term profits have decided to conduct an experiment …

Do you think it was possible with the knowledge of nuclear power reactor knowledge to take on such an important experiment? Madness! The same is true of sabotage … The staff made an unprecedented crime against his people and all humanity. The same criminals are and plant managers. "

As you know, there was a reactor exploded on the night of April 26, 1986, in 1 hour 24 minutes. Ra36uzhennye Chernobyl explosion glow seen rising above the ruined roof, a column of smoke and ash. Among the thousands of participants in the events of that night there are hundreds of witnesses who saw the burning of the power unit of an unidentified object.
Michael A. Varitsky, Senior Management dosimetrist monitoring, was alerted. In the line of sight of the fourth unit they were at 4.15 at night.
Seeing how blazing reactor and burning feeling person (protection they did not have, and the device off scale), professional dosimetrists, understanding risk exposure, decided to return to their base for protection devices. They unfolded the car, and suddenly …
"We've seen floating slowly in the sky bright brass color fireball — told Varitsky. — He had a diameter of 6-8 m Once again we have made measurements by changing the scale of the device to another band. The instrument shows 3000 mR / hr Suddenly, the ball broke two bright crimson-colored spotlights, two beams … These two beams were directed to the reactor of Unit. It is from the reactor at a distance of approximately 300 m All this lasted about 3 minutes … Searchlight suddenly went out, and the ball sailed slowly to the north-west, in the direction of Belarus. Here again we have paid attention to the instrument. He showed for 800 mR / h … we ourselves are not able to explain what happened and why sin to the instrument. However, when we returned to the base and checked the device was intact "

Those who were inside the station was not in the scrutiny of the sky.
"I felt the first blow — recalled one of the operators. — He was strong, but not what happened then after 1-2 seconds … Sprinkle tiles … Jumped into the hallway to go to the central hall. But in the corridor dust, smoke. I went to turn on the smoke exhaust fans. Then I went to the computer room. There's a horrible situation. From ruptured pipes in different directions gushing hot water, it is highly steamed. Could see the flash shorts … Much of the computer room was destroyed. Fallen from the top plate smote oil pipe, oil flowed and it was special containers and 100 tons … "
The ruined reactor spewed into the sky hundreds of tons of radioactive contagion. All shots unit made in the first days of the tragedy, covered "veil" and whitish dots: the radiation level was such that it easily penetrates through walls and helicopter camera lens, affecting film.
The authorities then tried to hide what happened, but so clumsily that it only fueled the panic. In Kiev, the rat and the mouse ran out to people on the ground and die, even though they are just known for their immunity to radiation. Train from Kiev to take literally fight, paying untold money for tickets. Having heard vaguely that alcohol removes radionuclides from the body, all rushed to drink and even forcibly poured vodka children. And experts who could explain what was happening, just gagged.
"As soon as the Chernobyl accident occurred, in my lab counters immediately showed an increase of radioactivity, — said a member of the Academy of Sciences of USSR Dmitry Grozdinsky. — Instead of us, radiobiology, explain what happened, so we can advise people how to behave in the first hours after the accident, we have sealed the counters. We were told that what happened in Chernobyl, top secret "

Pilots flying over the affected area, said that it was like a military newsreel footage: crowds of thousands of refugees, the whole human river flowing down the road. In this situation, any unusual objects in the sky caused a new wave of panic. Only at the Chernobyl, where thousands of liquidators worked every day looking into the eyes of death, for the visits UFO treated fairly calm.
September 16, 1989 at unit Chernobyl were back problems, accompanied by the release of radiation. A few hours later, at 8.20 am, the doctor Yves Naumovna Gospina photographed in the sky over the station UFO amber.
"From 5.00 to 7.35 am August 7, 1990 was another acquaintance with unknown phenomenon — said the newspaper" Herald of Chernobyl ". — This is the time zone of workers living in the ship's village Green Cape, before leaving for work observed in urban villages Ivankov at the height of 5-8 km shiny cylindrical object that resembled an empty spool of thread out. Object glowed and periodically change its configuration, end discs were separated, the number ranged from 2 to 3. Revolved around the cylinder red spot. At 7 hours 35 minutes, when the horizon appeared a military plane, the UFO disappeared. "
October 11, 1991, at 20.09, there was a fire on the second power unit of the Chernobyl NPP. During the fire there was a partial collapse of the roof over the generator. The next day the photographer of the newspaper "Echo of Chernobyl" Vladimir Savran will be recording in the affected computer room:
"There are witnesses who a few minutes before the fire was observed in the sky above the station strange glow. I arrived at the station the next morning and saw nothing of the sort. No planes, no helicopters, or any other objects of the station was not. However, when I showed the film, I saw a strange scene in my body, floating above the station. Now I can explain it like this: the subject of this for some reason, is invisible to the human eye, but the camera lens in a position to fix it … "

Analysis of the picture, which had experienced criminologists found that the marriage of the film, and even more so on the photo montage is not out of the question. We can only accept that they were aliens who had come to look for a new man-made tragedy (Fig. 71).
Before the November holidays, November 1, 1990, a terrible catastrophe shocked Ural city Asbestos. For the first time in decades, it is not celebrated the anniversary of the October Revolution …
Shop Kalinowski chemical plant exploded in the middle of the day. In the shop, and around, as usual at this time, full of life. There were no signs of the tragedy.
Suddenly, day turned into night. Soared into the air of dust clouds, pierced with sheets of flame. Large and small pieces scattered around with a whistle, knocking trucks and walls. The shock wave struck the factory building, located a mile. In an instant, all the glass in large windows turned into a thousand blades pierce the walls, machines, and people. Everything was shaking like an earthquake. The walls went seams drizzled plaster. Stunned people ran outside, fearing that the building was about to collapse.
Even more terrible blow fell on the motor transport enterprises combine "Uralasbest." The survivors told us that if thrown up shop. The air was a sort of black, viscous slurry, which flew plucked from their seats items. Ra36rosalo people in different directions. Corrosive smelled gas.
Nearly a kilometer from the explosion fragment struck a passerby. All the cars, who were at the plant, a heap of twisted metal in a sieve, riddled with hundreds of holes. One of them was a bulldozer AI Asipenka.
"After the change, I was sitting in the bus stand, waiting to be taken home — he said. — Bang did not hear. Awake — lie at the threshold of the bus upside down. Soon appeared in time "first aid", and I was taken to the hospital. "
Almost everyone who was in the unfortunate shop, disappeared in the flames of the explosion. In its place was a gaping crater depth of 5 m walls turned to dust.

"Brick, from which the walls of the building were stacked, — reads the official report — in much of the crushed, turned to dust, the cut of a continuous layer of the sector with an apex angle of about 90 degrees to the north-east and south-east of … Elements of concrete thrown for distances up to 500 m … Completely destroyed condensate pumping station and filling complex. Strong administrative and destruction were domestic building and the main building of garage services, fire pump, compressor with substation, central warehouse, repair shop machines … "
The victims of the explosion were dozens. Crippled people were killed whole buses, taking them away from the gaping crater.
"Injured 84 people — says the official report of the cold line. — The factory workers' Uralasbest "- 68, 7 of them — a fatal, chemical plant workers 12, 7 of them — with fatal consequences. Employees of other organizations one injured fatal "

Soon, another seriously wounded died, bringing the death toll to 16.
Among the survivors was the chief miracle plant exploded VF Imodenov.
"It's hard to say what happened — he said, lying on a hospital bed. — In 14 hours we fire inspector looked all over the shop. Everything worked fine, no accidents. And suddenly — a terrible explosion! I was just in my office with the technology and master. Here and hit me with something. "
As soon as it was dark, there was a UFO over the ruins. Its green beam was directed into the epicenter of the explosion. UFO seen dozens or hundreds of people. Among them were not only residents of asbestos. A. Redkin, the driver from the village of Malyshev (there are asbestos mines, which made the ill-fated plant explosive emulsion), said that at half past seven in the evening his attention bright ball that looked like a dandelion flower. Inside it was rotating an object, showering the surrounding area with sparks. The ball moved on a sloping path to the ground. Shaft of light suddenly appeared, reminiscent of the spotlight. Soon the object decreased in size, and then disappeared altogether.
Got a mysterious object in the police reports. That's what his superiors told Sergeant patrol I. Ledyaev:
"November 1, 1990, the day of the explosion, about 20 hours, while on-site emergency, notice that by the fourth plant of the blade moving UFO as glowing ball is half the size of the moon. The object was moving in the direction of the village Novookunevo, it decreased rapidly in size, and of him, glowing nebulae in the spiraling clouds. When an object is reduced to the size of an average star, has come from him violet light beam. Light of the object in the direction of a career, but where it is — could not see, disturbed forest. First noticed the UFO commander patrol Petr Limonov. This also saw the foreman S. Mirzayev "

Why is there a UFO? Look at the place of the explosion?
Rumors spread that the explosion of a hand (or tentacle) aliens. The fact that the emulsion explosive, which was done in the shop, was famous as an absolutely safe to use. The work on the debris led ra36orke Chief Engineer Works KV Anufriev. Even standing on the ruins, he continued to maintain that the emulsion explosive. At least by itself. Need some other explosives that detonated emulsion.
Soon to come Asbestos government commission chaired by the Deputy Minister of Defence Industry of the USSR N. Puzyreva. In less than two weeks, as the conclusion has already been done.
"As a result of numerous experiments, the Commission concluded that the most likely cause of the explosion was the chemical decomposition of the emulsion as a result of getting into the foreign substance" — = read as it is.
What kind of substance could it get?
"With great confidence we can say that it was a crystalline sodium nitrate — Puzyrev said at a press conference in Asbestos. — Keep it in the room department, the same place where produce the emulsion. Workshop could explode, so to speak, from a trifle. For example, in such a situation: on the floor, where lay a piece of sodium nitrate, wakes up one component of the emulsion. Then all the dirt picked up and taken to the pot! "
Commission has reached its goal. Many questions are removed, found guilty. Since all of them were killed in the explosion, no one to punish. Only experts from the regional prosecutor's office knew that the committee — no more than evasion.

More than two years, investigators were searching the regional prosecutor real causes of the explosion. Were questioned over a hundred witnesses — who survived the shop workers, professionals combine "Uralasbest" Kalinowski and chemical plant designers, builders workshop, all the people who had anything to do with him. To investigate dozens of experts were brought from Ekaterinburg, Dzerzhinsk, Moscow. They spent a lot of experimentation and testing, to reconstruct the tragedy in great detail.
The investigation proved that no violations of the process in the manufacture of emulsion was not. Version involving spontaneous disruption due to a mixture of getting into some chemicals were also rejected. So what's the deal? Why work as a clock production turned into a pile of smoking ruins?
On the ruins of the blade shaft mixer, investigators found traces of the explosion foreign substance — TNT. Just get in the car so he could not, and if they hit, it did not explode: temperature and load in a chemical mixture can cause an explosion of TNT. Is there someone threw an explosive with a detonator, but then it is — a clear suicide or sabotage …

In the night from 19 to 20 November on Asbestos again saw something strange. At this time, the shock of the tragedy did not stop to find out what people have seen the launch of the satellite "Kosmos-2105" with Plesetska223. As to the first aspect, the official "Table space launches in the Soviet Union in 1990," there is no mention of launches November 1!
So far asbestovtsy very lukewarm about UFOs, considering them a sign of trouble. When the April 7, 2000 around 3 am on Asbestos UFO appeared in the form of a luminous ball, Asbestos plant workers refused to come to work for as long as the object is not gone! Behind the ball at a working night shift Career Central Mine Group JSC "Uralasbest" duty civil defense and emergencies, as well as employees of the local police station. Object hung low over the city, and then began to take an elongated shape and flew in a south-easterly direction.

UFO sightings in places of natural and man-made disasters have become so commonplace that surprises rather their absence in place of a scene, rather than presence. Military even learned to woo "dish", playing the scenes on a variety of topics pilots — simulating test new technologies or any emergency in parts. As a rule, it worked: the curious "balls and wheels flew to see what happened!
"Hot spots" of the former Soviet Union, too, were under close observation of UFOs. "Plates" repeatedly seen in the sky of Nagorno-Karabakh, Chechnya, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in the Fergana Valley and other places where people started killing each other.
In the night from 23 to 24 November 1989, Lieutenant Kuropatkin tested performance of duty soldiers at checkpoints in the mountains of Nagorno-Karabakh. Suddenly, ordinary Sviridov said that in the sky "kind of thing flies." They all raised their heads …

"Above our heads, covering a large chunk of the starry space, hang this" thing "- later recalled Lieutenant. — I mean, not hanging, but very slowly and smoothly moving forward. Quietly, without the slightest sound. Begin to stare intently into her shape. Highly elongated ellipse is very large, front, sides and rear of two purple-board fire. Suddenly pulled out of the ellipse two red beams of light, and fall to the ground. The place that they cover, can be seen very clearly. This lasts seconds. Then the red light disappears. Hovering above the city of Shusha, the newly released UFO tentacles spotlights. Behind the back can hear the conversation:
— Or, on it all of the machine to give? — Asks Sergeant Dmitriev Head Guard Lt. O. Muzhaylo.
— It is not necessary, and even then, maybe, Shusha only on the maps will be — responsible Lieutenant slave.
Meanwhile, the "thing" suddenly off and leaving a clearly visible vapor trail, disappearing from sight … It was later revealed that at the same time, a similar pattern was observed with the other two posts "

April 30, 1990, at nine o'clock in the evening, 77-year-old shepherd from the village of Vagharshak Beglaryan Khanabad Askeran ICAO saw a big ball of dark color with a greenish hue, with a diameter of about 10 meters, with no lights. The ball flew silently at an altitude of about 30 meters above the head astonished shepherd and disappeared over the hill. Vagharshak, never heard of UFOs or of aliens, saw the top of the hill are two very tall black figure. Until they were about 200 meters, people could not see the shepherd, but the bodies were very large, growth — 2 meters. They moved towards Beglaryan who was frightened and quickly drove the sheep to the village. He is constantly looking around and saw that passing 20 meters, the figure stopped, they are separated a light ball one meter in diameter and flew to the top of the hill, from which they descended. More old man did not look back.
After 5.5 hours Noragyugh near the village, which is 6 km from Khanabad, a "flying saucer" saw two locals — V. Vartanian and H. Shahbazian, who were traveling on duty at the farm. Before their truck at a height of 30-40 m egg-shaped luminous object hovered. Shone the whole surface "plates", which, according to witnesses, was the size of their truck. Frightened, they stopped, but did not turn off the engine, just turn off the lights. "Dish" hung, swaying slightly. A minute noragyuhtsy broke and rushed from the scene. "Dish" silently, with tremendous speed out of sight.

In 1991, the battalion, where he served as Igor Vislobokov, was in the Armenian city of Agdam. One evening he was vacationing with friends in a mobile station, and heard the cries of anxious time, I ran out to the street:
"We saw something in the sky in the shape of a cigar, — he said. — We were surprised size, despite the fact that the height of the eye was impossible to define, and it was clear that this size objects flying in the sky, people have not yet created. Cigar while hanging motionless and silent on the ground, almost at the zenith above us, then somehow uniformly, with no apparent acceleration, sudden movement began, still silent, and suddenly disappeared. This greatly surprised, because it was clear and cloudless weather, there was not a cloud. Hallucinations or optical illusions disappear: cigar observed with different and very distant points of our comrades at different checkpoint in Askeran, on the way to Lachin, etc. (only 65-70 people have seen the object of our co-workers). 3 days later the talk was about him. Now many of them live far away, and they can attest to this fact, "

On the other side of the front UFO literally besieging troops. In early June 1990 through official channels did an amazing report: "I bring that during my shift, from 4.30 to 5.30, a few kilometers south-west of the village. Hamosham Astara seen UFOs … "
Elder M. attire was mistaken, told the news agency "Azerinform":
"A bright spot appeared in the sky suddenly. Coming down, it began to take shape domed object resembling a bell. Hovering at about 500 m from the ground for a few minutes, the UFO began to slowly fall, and when the surface of the left about 50 meters, a gradual decline for a moment stopped, and then the machine landed. When planting area he covered beams like searchlights. After a time, using the same maneuver, but in reverse order, the UFO flew away. Go to him, despite the proximity distance, decided not to.

After landing, the guards came out of the radio communications system, and the remote alarm went off, raised the entire personnel of the gates in the gun, so that witnesses UFO sightings in the mountains were not only guards on duty of attire. The appearance of a UFO in the Talysh Mountains there were attendant on locators Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
November 21, 1990, at 5.23 pm local time, just three points Gadabay region of Azerbaijan residents saw unusual. Large circle with colored lights (green, red, yellow and blue) are completely silently pulled over a rectangle of gray. First noticed the UFO near the village Karaveler Senior Lieutenant A. Koval. He then proceeded Dyuzrassulu above the village, where he saw the sergeant Dzheyzhub Imranin, Private Sergei Medovkin and other military. At the end of a UFO flying near the settlement Mutudire.
November 23, late at night, near the village of the same district Novoivanovka, Lieutenant Igor Ivonchenko and others noticed in the sky, the two red points of light. We decided that it is an airplane. But the object was moving silently, and then suddenly the two red dots, a third, white. Object disappeared behind the mountain, and at this time the area was illuminated for a few seconds with a bright flash. Soon luminous spots reappeared. UFO made a turn around its, axis, into a glowing triangle and disappeared.
"Dish" on the Armenian-Azerbaijani front so common that both sides tried to use them for propaganda purposes. Maybe instead worth considering what attracts UFOs? Simple curiosity or an opportunity to kidnap people, using nera36erihoy?



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