UFOs. Touching the alien. Video.

October 25, 2011 11:32

The film focuses on the alien encounter. We show you an interview with a victim of the first kidnapping, and you'll learn about the people who were in all his life under the control of aliens. Only the truth, the facts and evidence.

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Protection from aliens (theory)

In the "World Wide Web" has information disseminated by the American Space Agency (NASA), that at a distance of 42-light-years from Earth in the constellation of Cancer, found "Planet X", where living conditions are similar to Earth's. It's all happy, especially the so-called "UFO". They shouted in unison: — "Ur-a! Finally we found the brothers on reason! "- And some of them even dare to say that all the unidentified flying objects, called the common people" flying saucer ", supposedly to fly us from this planet (Planet X). Bold statement — but agree that theory is not confirmed by facts or judgment, can not get approved in the minds of most people, and especially in the minds of the government … Well, the — probably the first person that will — I will! .. Let's start perhaps …

Questions and answers.

Who are these aliens, and what they eat?
Why do they fly away in 390 trillion. Km from the planet's to the Earth?
And also, why do they talk to us?
Such, or about such issues wondered every researcher of the UFO phenomenon.
Let's try to find answers:
So, who is behind the mask of the faceless "flying saucers"? — Living things. — Otherwise, the stones were able to talk.
And if they are living beings — so they breathe. — All living breathing.
Let's go back a little bit ago. You probably remember that the distance from the Earth to Planet X is 42-m light years. This means that the light reflected from the planet comes to us forty-two tropical (Earth) years. And this in turn means that the flight from planet to planet Earth X equals the number of slightly more than 42 years. After all, in "special relativity" Albert Einstein: "Nothing — living or dead, can not move through space at the speed equal to, or greater than, the speed of light." — Great conclusion! Wonderful theory — unless of course you believe in it. (And if you do not believe me — then immediately move away from the monitor — it is this theory contributed to the creation of the atomic bomb, which, in turn, contributed to the creation of a computer).
So: all of the aforesaid, it follows that in flight from their planet to Earth, the aliens have something to breathe. And not one day, and as many as forty-two years and a couple of minutes to boot. Yes, not an easy task, especially when you consider what size of those "unidentified flying objects", which now and then are enthusiasts of "Kosmopoisk"! ..
So UFOs is fiction? — You ask. — I do not think so. If the aliens are actually visiting our planet, probably in our solar system they come in large intergalactic spaceships. Hide them in the "dark zone", a place in our system where the rays do not penetrate our "heavenly spotlight" (This area is located beyond Pluto, with all kinds of telescopes, we can "see" there are many "heavenly bodies", presumably asteroids, but … who knows what is hidden behind these "bodies"? …) and then, in small "flying saucers", they get directly to the earth … While all this — my hypothesis, verified data about contacts with aliens not. Yes, I think that will not happen. And there are reasons. We will discuss later.
Unfortunately I do not know how to look like aliens. This can be understood only through personal contact. And I'm like, "eye to eye" with them but have never met, but I think that most of my students had not been in contact with aliens. But that does not give us the right to claim that aliens — a scientific fiction. For example: people five thousand years did not know what is in the nature of oxygen, but the lack of confidence did not prevent them breathe. So let us return to our questions.
So: what may look "normal alien"? — Let's go from the simple to the complex. If they are able to build spaceships — then they should have a brain. If you have a brain, there must be a skull to protect it. Give your head! If they have a head, then all should be skoreee and limbs to move. — Otherwise, the initial stage of their evolution, they would not be able to hide from predators, living on planet-X. And besides, they should be able to talk. That talk, otherwise they do not get as much on the nature of the genetic memory as you need to build an intergalactic flying money. Some would say — yes it's a man! — No. In humans, the four limbs, while the alien they may be eight. And the skull it may look completely different — it's not a humanoid, and certainly not a man. What's more — it's dangerous!
We return to the question of why an alien creature to fly 42, fly 390 trln.km middle gloomy vacuum to give the opportunity to see their loved ones? .. — To get to know us? — Not likely! Let's take a moment to tear off from the alien theme and think: why do we, the people, would have done it. The answer comes by itself-a, — out of curiosity! Due to the simple instinct inherent in all living things …
However, Christopher Columbus crossed the ocean, too, out of curiosity, what would there not talking, but was also curious little man! And as a result: Native Americans died or turned into slaves! They have lost their freedom, and has not yet acquired immunity, millions were dying of smallpox …
The new land was an "alien", but it lagged behind in development, and it ended so that the visitors be seized and divided …
So what do you need from us aliens? — That's an interesting question! There are lots of assumptions, but the main thing — is communication. So assume all — but not me! I think so — if they want to communicate with us — they would communicate with us. And rightly so! — If we want to establish contact with someone — we install it. And if we want to fight — we are fighting. This is the main principle of all relationships. It is an axiom.
Why are they aliens, do not talk to us openly as with their peers? — And then there are two possibilities: either the aliens arrive on Earth — the enemy's scouts and they do not communicate with us (you know why), or they just do not consider it possible to communicate with us. That is — if they have space ships flying at speeds — close to the speed of light, they are simply more developed and we think we are something of a wild animal. — We do not deal with the gorillas! Especially do not consider them as equals. That is, they, the aliens, we do not attract — local potentates, and our mother — the planet Earth!
And this is fundamentally changes everything. We do not need to think how to deal with them — we need to think of them as a defense. How to protect their freedom, their "wildness" and its underdevelopment — from "cultural" and advanced aliens! That's what we should think.
How to protect our plnetu of undesirable aliens? — Not all prsheltsy be bad. And here we refer to the earthly experience:
— "To defeat your enemy, you must know all of its traditions and customs, and even more — during his speech in March" — said the great Genghis Khan Temujin.
Of course we recognize the tradition of aliens not so soon, but here is to note the time of their performance in the campaign we can. For this we need to bring into space three telescopes, ten times bigger than the space telescope "Hubble" by the performance, and to direct them towards the planet X, so choby they could "see" her around the clock. ..
It's simple. Let's go back to the theory A.Enshteyna "no living thing can not move in a vacuum at a rate equal to, or greater than the speed of light."
This means that aliens are in principle can not fly at light speed. Their velocity, even for ten km / h, but it will be less than the speed of light. And this in turn means that if we constantly monitor the planet-X (and we shall see it to what it was 42 years ago), then we should certainly start to see the alien spaceship. After all, in any case they have preodalet gravity of the planet, and before you develop a "super-speed", they have to go to the far orbit of his "Earth."
Thus, — as soon as we start, note the aliens from Planet X, we should expect the imminent arrival of our solar system. That is — we have a rare opportunity in the same day as the start to watch them (aliens) sorokadvuhletnego intergalactic travel, and the ending of this. And we will only compare the data from our "space radar" on Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter (which we — humans clearly established there), and define a new space object in the asteroid field. And then, as the saying goes, "a trick." And kill them or communicate with them, it is a matter of our politicians. Thank God, something which, as politicians we have enough …

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