Ukraine and China: the main directions of military-technical cooperation

Ukraine and China: the main directions of military-technical cooperation

Kiev in recent years stepped up its military-technical cooperation or, more precisely, the share of sales of Russian military heritage of China. Traced this trend in the field of naval technology in the field of military aviation engine. It is connected with 2 reasons: first — China can not get in Russia that so simply was before, and need to borrow large technology as before is high, and the second reason — Beijing is solvent and Kiev needs in the media. Kiev is not a neighbor of China, because frisky build its military strength for him is not the problem.

Cooperation in the field of Air Force

— China cooperates c "Antonov", so is the development of a number of joint programs: the design of regional jet ARJ 21, the modernization of the transport Y8. Beijing is interested and aircraft An-148 and AN-158, repair of existing aircraft in China An-12, An-24, An-26, An-30. Until two years back ASTC. Antonov and China signed a "Memorandum to assist China in developing languid military transport aircraft."

— At the current time in China with Ukrainian professionals are still building a huge aero tube for blowing languid military transport aircraft. This will be the biggest aerodynamic laboratory in China. Beijing plans with Ukraine to build your own grave MTC.

— Ukraine cooperates with China on programmke creation of new Chinese trainer aircraft L-15. According to the agreement, in 2011-2012, Kyiv will put China's first batch of Ukrainian mass-produced engines AI-222-25F for trainer aircraft L-15. Likely to occur and the next delivery, the Sino-Ukrainian cooperation in making them.

Cooperation in the field of the Navy

— Municipal Company of Ukraine dealing with arms exports heavily involved in the creation of China's own their own aircraft carrier and the development of new equipment for the aircraft carrier "Varyag". Although initially the ship was taken from the Ukraine (it was built in Nikolayev) Tipo casino, eventually it will become China's first aircraft carrier — the training ground, with some combat skills. Apparently, the Chinese managed to get all the design and technical documentation on this ship. Thus, the Soviet Union was also the "father" of the Chinese aircraft carrier fleet. Symbolically and its Chinese title — «Shi Lang», in honor of the admiral, who in 1861 joined the peninsula, Taiwan Formosa to mainland China. Naturally, the Taiwan authorities not welcome such news. In addition, the "Shi Lang" will be equipped with Ukrainian engines, so that Kiev has already transferred the technology of production of gas turbines DN80. And Harbin plant will become a staple in China for the production of engines for naval ships.

— Armed aircraft carrier based fighter will be «Shenyang J-15 Flying Sharks» («Flying Shark"), based on the layout of Russian Su-33, in his 2005 Beijing bought from Kiev.

— Apparently, based on the complex "anyone" the Chinese were able to build a training facility for pilots of carrier-based aircraft. A full-scale model of an aircraft carrier with a concrete runway and control tower was built near the town of Wuhan in China's Hubei province. Another two similar complex built in the provinces of Shaanxi and Laonin, they began to build in 2010.

— Kiev will sell China four (other sources say two) small landing hovercraft "Bison", the two have to build in Ukraine, two — in China, with the participation of Ukrainian shipbuilders. The Chinese side is willing to learn how to design the ships of the "Bison". They will be installed on the Chinese gun and fire control system.

Ukraine and China: the main directions of military-technical cooperation

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