Ukraine and the modern armies of Europes ambitions and the danger

Ukraine and the modern armies of Europe's ambitions and the threat of

At the current time for at least some thinking person saying that since the establishment of independent state under the name Ukraine and to the real time constraints of the state army were not the authority nor the 1st government, which was replaced during this time clearance. With all of this in a different time preconditions were different. For example, at the time when the country has been nuclear weapon remaining time from Russian, Ukraine caused respect to the world. And so, even in the final steps of disarmament army no one really was not engaged and was not interested. In the end — of fairly strong army virtually nothing left. And in such a situation the country was able to wriggle out of control, saying that the country's army is not particularly necessary, so as Ukraine with anyone to wage war is not going well and the overall geopolitical situation in the world is completely favorable. Plus, in the country's constitution had been prescribed non-aligned status. But instead order to intensify military construction, the actions of the authorities has led to even greater military scarcity. Clarify similar to the pain is simple: the government in the heart of Europe, will not be able to compete with NATO or Russia militarily, and in case of some local conflicts will be fully and fairly of the army, that is.

All the same, so as not to be unfounded, and to assess the situation objectively, you need to analyze the armed forces of countries neighboring the Ukraine.

All the actions that took place in the beginning of the new century, are catchy evidence that in the foreseeable future, the problem of global wars really does not arise. All the same, it is necessary to take into account that in relation to Ukraine has certain territorial claims, some parts of the country are an area of interest adjoining states, and the energy, economic and technological blockade of the country at the international level — it's not jokes. After all, the Ukrainian government has lost the military and technological features of sovereignty is compromised.

Immediately it is worth noting that this year the direct military threat is not expected. Still, there are plenty of other risks and threats, namely the informational impact of the adjoining states, the formation of decision-making power out of the country, support for anti-Ukrainian movements and activities as the activities of foreign secret services on the Ukrainian countryside. Of course, what is the impact on Ukraine in the not to distant future will only increase, because the authorities need to pay attention to the development of the defense sector in a broad context.

At first glance it may seem that in Europe is completely relaxed and calm. But the alarming fact that the adjacent country quietly buying up new weaponry. For all this, by the way, they are in the military-political bloc, and not the 1st.

For example, in Russia, came to power in the second time, Vladimir Putin's military ambitions have increased a couple of times. Russian defense complex, except for the strategic development, namely, nuclear, component, pays great attention to procurement of new weapons and equipment. Thus, the military procurement plans provided lots of new helicopters and planes: the MiG-29KUB and MiG-29K (24 machines over 2013-2015), 27 Yak-130 machines purchased in the past year, upgraded MiG-31BM (15 cars produced in 2012). The total number of aircraft and helicopters, which is meant to get into the army in 2020, is 600 and 1000, respectively. In addition, plans are laid in a number of series of purchases of missile systems for fighter aircraft of the 5th generation. In the past year, the Russian army, a new division of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400. It is clear that the military does not want to call a clear number of troops assigned to other means of defense, and therefore they are limited to generalities about what was delivered a huge amount of modernized and new anti-aircraft missile complexes, namely, C-300V4, C-400, " Strela-10M3 "," Tor-M2U "," Armour-S ", as" Willow "and" Igla-S ". In addition, Russian troops for service in the current year must be received by anti-aircraft missile system S-500.

So Makar, in dealing with Russia, Ukrainian anti-aircraft system will lag almost a generation.

Much more active, if Ukraine is engaged in arms and Belarus, which never was a great extravagance. The government is oriented towards the creation of a shield, mostly due to political and military cooperation with Russia. So, at the end of last year, the Belarusian government has decided to purchase four cars Yak-130 from Russia. In addition, in February 2012 between with 2 countries signed a contract for the formation of a unified regional Russian-Belarusian air defense system. Then Belarus bought in Russia 8 anti-aircraft missile systems S-300PMU1 the past two years have also bought 2 batteries of new anti-missile systems "Tor-2M", the supply of which were completed in late 2012. A few years earlier, in 2005-2006, the Belarusian side were also acquired several battalions of S-300PS. With regard to the procurement of new contracts, the first of the year has already signed a contract, according to which in 2013 in Belarus should be placed third battery air defense systems "Tor-2M". Moreover, the country wants to start purchasing Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 in 2013-2015.

So Makar, talk about the fact that in matters of defense Belarusian head of the country looks a simpleton, you can not. In fact Lukashenko very staring all the novelties that arise in the world. For example, not so long ago in the press it was reported that the unmanned vehicles, developed by Belarusian mass creation of which is scheduled for this year, German engines will be used 3W Modellmotoren. The total number of UAVs "Siberian Crane-BM" that Belarus plans to produce each year for the needs of its own army, will be 10 units.

Among the countries that are arming themselves busy at the present time, it is worth noting and Poland. The defense budget of the country for the last couple of years is 6 times more than Ukrainian. In the past year there has been launched brand new programm to improve the armed forces, the value of which is given in the modernization of air defense systems, enhance the mobility of the army and the development of information systems. According to the latest program there, the Polish Defense Ministry wants to buy about 2018 2-hundred drones, with all this, the total sum of purchases will amount to approximately 292 million dollars. It is worth noting that Poland has refused Israeli development, giving preference to their own. With all of this it is possible that some Ukrainian developers in person will receive a specific role in the project. Previously, we recall, Poland has purchased and has investigated five samples drones: South American Shadow 200 and Scan Eagle, Israeli Aerostar and Orbiter, Polish FlyEye.

If we talk about those programs distributed weapons that have already been implemented, it is first necessary to note the purchase of aircraft BTA C-295M (their price was above 300 million dollars), and multi-purpose vehicles F-16C / B Blok52 + (these aircraft cost the country in an amount exceeding 6 billion dollars). Fleet of combat aircraft in recent years has declined significantly due to the removal from service of MiG-23, MiG-21 and Su-22M partly out of date. They have all been changed South Ameri
can production of multi-role fighter F-16. In addition, the presence of high-precision weapons, namely, guided missiles AIM-120C and AIM-9X («air-to-air") and the AGM-65G («air-land"), and AGM-154C bombs and GBU- 49/54 makes it possible to solve a wide range of combat tasks.

In addition, the country wants to fulfill by 2022 the purchase of new missile systems, namely, Wisla (average radius of the act), Narew (proximal radius of the act), Poprad (marching complex), Piorun (portable complex) Also Pilica (rocket artillery system).

It is necessary to take into account the event that Poland is in NATO, in other words, is a system of collective defense. Yet, the country is the ability to implement its own program that bears the title "Shield of Poland" and is worth approximately 5.5 billion dollars. The program will last until 2025. It provides for the joint development and the creation of anti-aircraft missile systems, automatic control systems, radar controlled anti-aircraft missiles.

In addition, more complex from a technological point of view, the standards of the arms supplied by members of the alliance. In the middle of it should be noted antitank missiles Spike-LR, Leopard-2 tanks, anti-aircraft missile system Patriot, transport aircraft C-295 and C-130 multi-role fighters F-16C / B Blok52 +, and frigates Perry.

Another state that is intensely engaged in weapons, is Romania. Recall, in the autumn of last year the government announced its own intention to purchase from Portugal 12 fighters F-16 Fighting Falcon, the total price of purchases was to be of the order of 600 million dollars. This is not a new car. According to statements by the Romanian Minister of Defense, the country does not have enough funds for the purchase of new fighter jets, because the agency may allow themselves to acquire and upgrade the used cars.

In addition, among a large defense programs of the country it is worth noting a joint venture with Lockheed Martin creation of mobile multi-purpose radar TPS-79 (R) radial angle in the amount of 17 units in order to ensure a continuous field of radar within NATO programs from defense in Europe. In addition, Romania acquired a technology upgrade anti-aircraft missile systems and air defense Hawk stepped mobile component: the procurement of military transport aircraft and light armored vehicles. Furthermore, country wants to place on its territory certain elements of the U.S. missile defense system, namely, radar Aegis, several mobile batteries of interceptor missiles SM-3, and unmanned aerial vehicles Shadow 600.

So Makar, of course, that in terms of re-Romania seeks to catch up with Poland, but to do so it is unlikely to succeed because of its ability to moderate Bole (Romania's defense budget is less than half Polish).

Closes rating favorites of Turkey, which have gained in the past year, placing Patriot systems in their own areas. First, here is the current year have been delivered a few batteries of anti-aircraft missile systems. In addition, the country announced its own plans to begin construction of 8 frigates. The total cost of construction is estimated at seven billion dollars. Also in Turkey resulted in the development of missiles "ground-to-ground" with a radius of the order of acts 2-hundred kilometers. A programm modernization of the armed forces involves, apart from the fact that before 2016 will be held development and delivery of combat aircraft, tanks, transport and combat aircraft, and ships.

By the way, in 2016, the country expects to turn in the military-industrial complex of 8 billion dollars, and another 2 billion gain from the export of military equipment and weapons.

In the middle of programs that lured close attention, you can call the intention to launch a satellite of its own intelligence, the creation of complex guided anti-tank missiles, laser-guided missiles, turbo-prop aircraft.

In addition to marked benefits of modern armies, there is another trend that is common to all — is the embodiment of deep training special forces which is able to conduct operations in all criteria and be used as a so-called asymmetric weapons.

For example, in Romania, in special operations units is almost 1.5 thousand people. In Poland, the number of special operations forces in 2012, have gained 3.5 thousand people, and the number of battalions increased to 9. In Turkey, there are 4 units of Special Forces (Commando), and search and rescue unit "MAK", which resembles a South American "Delta". In Russia in 2012, significantly activated the process of development of the drum units and formations. In the past year has been finalized the latest car BMD-4. In addition, in a rather short time the process of developing new drones, shooting complexes, sights.

As for Ukraine, then there is the special operations forces formally made, but their equipment did not meet international standards. And virtually no disk imaging on their capabilities and training do not.

So Makar, if we sum the result of all the above, it should be noted that the main efforts of the majority of states are focused first on strengthening air defense system and the formation of a shield by the combat aircraft, air defense systems, missiles, and naval forces. Procurement and development conducted strike systems, detection systems and data processing. We actively strengthening the mobile component through purchases of helicopters and airplanes. Ukraine, which to this day is not actually engaged in procurement of new weapons and equipment, unfortunately, is a natural outsider. And if you take into account the accident that the countries in the military-political blocs, actively arming and rearming, the lack of immediate re-plan, it becomes completely natural that a similar policy is very careless, and may even be unsafe for the country's security.

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