Ukraine defected to the category of the Third World

Ukraine has moved into the category of the "third world"

In the 21 years of independence Ukraine endured global transformation, as a result of which ran across in the category of "Third World. "Told" Rosbalt "said Ukrainian political analyst Alexei Blyumina.

In his view, Ukrainian society has passed a point of no return. "We ran over to the category of countries Third World. Based on this and the need to build all the other calculations — including foreign policy and economic. State that Ukraine will be the second or even France, Greece is now not necessary. We are located at the level of systematization of Colombia or Guatemala. It is the role of the country of the client, which is dependent on external donor or sponsor. Ukraine has several major sponsorship. But the self-alignment policy is unrealistic, "- emphasizes the expert.

"Cartoon looks when top Ukrainian politicians go to Brussels or Washington for a" bride. "This situation and the economy. Budget of Ukraine, before being adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, with approval from the IMF. Which, in turn, claims and specifications for the main financial document of Ukraine ", — adds the analyst.

Recall that on August 24 Ukraine noted the 21st anniversary of its independence.

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