Ukraine has all the prerequisites to the Arab Spring

Ukraine has all the prerequisites to the Arab Spring

According to the views of many professionals, both Russian and zabugornyh, Ukraine every day or getting closer to a revolutionary situation, sung by the classics of communism — the one where the upper classes can no longer, and the lower classes do not want to. It would be funny if it were not so sad. Naturally, the second Maidan Ukraine is not shining, at least since the Orange Revolution was the emblem of the unity of the Ukrainian people for the benefit of power, but the situation is more reminiscent segodnyaschy Tunisian option when a single fact has caused a wave that led to the crushing of the current government in all Middle East.

Prerequisites to be afraid of revolution only in the last week or two would be enough. To verify this, you only need to carefully analyze the action. Let's start with the constantly operating in virtually every field of refugee camps, which are collected in Chernobyl, Afghans, kids war — in other words, all those whom the government this fall, deprived of all the deserved benefits and additional payments to pensions. If we consider that the army suffered from such acts of the Cabinet ranges of up to 10-ka million, it creates a memory that Ukrainian government simply does not understand what disasters could respond his decision. Typically, as shown in Tunisia, for the revolution quite a spark. To justify such an unpopular decision, the prime minister Mykola Azarov to urgently promised that next year the average pension of the same amount of Chernobyl 4126 hryvnia. Maybe people would have him which times and believe yes gone home before the New Year Happy holiday, but here the Prime Minister made a fatal error: complaining that the payment of pension has been suspended due to lack of budget (to cover all the social costs to 170 billion hryvnia), Azarov was going to save construction of schools and hospitals. After such statements mitingovalschikov become even greater.

The second bell was the fact that opposition, which were calculated as protesters eventually help and did not have. At first, on the site of the strike opposition immediately began to establish the main tree of the country. Later, the deputy spokesman of the revolution chose BP Oleg Ljashko whose name sounded a couple of times in the midst of scandals in connection with its non-standard orientation, then it calls for anti-government began to recall a bad farce. And, in the end, that too quite demoralizing participants of the protest action, echoing "from above" was ordered to shut down in the area, all public toilets. And to appease the protesters threatened to physiological need fine and arrest.

In addition, suspicious of the speed with which vanished from Maidan ultra-nationalist "Svobodovtsy," though still a few days back, they are arranging something with favorites Chernobyl protesters, waving flags of "Freedom" and "BYuT".

While all found where to begin harsh protests, opposition lucky: in Donetsk camp Chernobyl killed miner Gennady cannabis. And though the cause of death of the old man was ischemic heart disease, the political opposition, this unfortunate fact has been used as a spare trump. Disaster as if the script was illustrated civilian war that tried to predict in the November issue of the Kiev magazine "Focus". In this scenario, the start of nationwide revolt can fully become clashes with the police, as a result of which the participant-Chernobylets killed by careless behavior of law enforcement officers. Opposition here will throw a shout, and for the small lines on the streets of the capital will be released no less than 50 thousand protesters — journalists speculated "Focus".

After a certain number of days after the publication of more than 300 protesters gathered near the building of the Lviv Regional State Administration to investigate the death of Donetsk miner. Irreconcilable in normal conditions "skhidnyaki" and "zapadentsy" suddenly showed a rare recognition, as evidenced by posters "Lviv and Donetsk together", dilute the Bandera red and black flags, the banner of "Freedom", the motto of the charges in the address Yanukovych regime. According to these "combined forces of justice," Konoplyev died as a result of pogroms in the tent city of Donetsk.

The next event dolivshee oil protestantnoy fire raging waves. It became clear statement favorites protests, hunger strikes Chernobyl, which is held under the walls of the Donetsk Regional Pension Management: when Chernobyl did not return the pension, they threaten to acts of self-immolation. According to the latest least a week back in Donetsk were willing to self-immolation 40. The action was planned to make the most tent where gasoline has been prepared "just in case". We remind you that the revolution in Tunisia was quite themselves burned a small vegetable merchant Mohamed Bouazizi in one of the country's provinces. After the same samossozhzheniya occurred in other towns of the country, as Egypt, Algeria and Yemen, protests drove across the Middle East, beginning the Arab Spring.

Oil in the cup and refilled the magazine "Correspondent" one of the rooms which was dedicated rated the most affluent people in the country. If we analyze the assets of hundreds of the richest, we can come to a very exciting conclusion. It turns out that the total purse Ukrainian millionaires today pulls of 83.1 billion dollars, which equals 61% of GDP, and total assets of 2-largest companies in the country — Privat Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk SCM — account for 39.9 billion dollars, which is practically 2 billion more than in store gold and Ukraine, which, in fact, kept the financial security of the country.

Despite all the developments in the country, the Ukrainian government still decided that it was "a planned action, which has nothing to do with the massive manifestations of discontent." Yet the level of discontent existing regime now resembles filled with glass top. And it is not quite enough for one drop, so inert, usually Ukrainian society has again started to resent. And then, what is called, "Hove".

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