Ukraine has two failures — the army and navy

Ukraine has two problems - the army and navy

Because of the scarcity of budget Kiev is not in a position to assist mariners in their fight against piracy

Ukraine's parliament on Wednesday, June 16, failed a law that would grant rights to Viktor Yanukovych to take a decision on the use of armed forces abroad. At first, it was a fight with the pirates. Rejection of foreign naval campaigns explains not only the sad state of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. Sending warships to the coast of Somalia right now Kiev simply not pockets.

Fight Piracy — the theme of the Ukraine sore. In 2009-2010. 10s Ukrainian sailors captured by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Some, such as, for example, the crew of "Faina" and "Ariana", had to spend several months in captivity, while negotiations continued for the release in exchange for a large ransom.

In society, in the meantime, a debate — in the disposal of the Office of Ukraine has special forces, naval forces, why not conduct Kiev operation to free the citizens caught in the failure?

"Never was a question about the capture and punishment of terrorists. It's a shame powers. Shame generals from the outer intelligence! The legal basis is. Permission is granted even in the terrain of Somalia and in their territorial waters to capture and kill the criminals. There is simply no political will "- outraged now deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Karmazin.

The same arguments lead and creator of the initiative to send Ukrainian troops abroad — deputy Kirill Kulikov, the former head of Interpol in Ukraine.

"Remember, he was released tanker" Moscow University "- did military ship "Marshal Shaposhnikov". This was proud of all of our motherland. It was a real gift to the day of victory. So you can be proud of. And we must
proud of its military. They have to protect their own citizens "- called Kulikov.

"The participation of Ukrainian warships to fight pirates replaces the 10's military exercises. It is not only able to guarantee the safety of shipping off the coast of Somalia, and will help to improve the combat readiness of officers, warrant officers and seamen Navy Ukraine. The role of the Ukrainian Navy in operations against the pirates will enable Ukraine to show the ships to foreign partners and over again to prove that Ukrainian fleet of modern and combat-capable "- in turn, said the ex-commander of the Ukrainian Navy Admiral Boris Kozhin.

But the draft law of Ukraine Parliament did not accept. He scored a small number of votes — the principal plans to send troops over the limit supported by only 38 MPs.

Note that the need for armed struggle against the pirates discusses the background to the underfunding of the acquired Ukrainian army. In the autumn of 2009 in Ukraine, a number of military units for debt disconnected from electricity (including, and were on the alert air defense units). It is estimated as the Ministry of Defence, the output from the shores of the Crimea Ukrainian guard-"Hetman Sagaydachny" and the week of his stay off the coast of Somalia, and then return to the Ukraine will cost 250 thousand dollars.

By the way, "Getman Sagaydachny" — now the only ship in the Ukrainian Naval Forces, capable of producing so many long trips. In this regard, a particularly fascinating look nedavneshnie sample Ukrainian Defense Ministry to ask the U.S. transfer of old times of American frigates, allegedly to combat piracy. In general, with the departure of Victor Yushchenko of these plans, it was decided to abandon.

But the change of president in Ukraine did not solve the issue of financing the shortcomings of the army. Viktor Yanukovych in his own nedavneshnem appeal to the nation on the occasion of 100 days in office referred to the sad state of the army. "Bring to handle the armed forces," — he said, calling on the army to do, "adequate modern threats and challenges."

How long will the execution of the order Yanukovych and if I can put it in general — remains a mystery. Bureaucrats openly admit that the budget Ukraine — Big hole. Official Kiev is currently not up to military maneuvers — the country discusses the more mundane challenges — the ability to increase the retirement age in order to save the budget.

"We have a budget deficit, which is impossible to cover only at the expense of economic growth. Need to include other mechanisms … It is necessary to solve the problem of the Pension Fund. We Pension Fund seizes nearly 18% of GDP — not enough states, where budget charged with the same load, "- said on Wednesday Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko.

So it seems that Ukrainian newcomer will have to ask the management to protect their own Black Sea Fleet sailors. Such an agreement would benefit and Russia — Ukrainian nationalists clearly convinced that the Russian navy is defending both countries.

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