Ukraine increases export of military equipment

Not so long ago, the Stockholm Institute international research problems of the world (SIPRI) published a report for the arms-exporting countries 2010 year. According to the report, Ukraine dropped by one line in comparison to 2009, and ranks 13th in the ranking of the volume of exports to 201 million dollars. This assessment is rather very uneven with Ukrainian findings that for 2010 Municipal intermediary in the sale of military equipment "Ukrspecexport" put on arms exports amounting to 956.7 million dollars. The difference is more than significant, because what these numbers ultimately should believe?

The fact is that in the preparation of the SIPRI own ranking uses so called "trend indicators". If read by ordinary words, just do not take into account the equipment purchased for the modernization of the previously supplied military hardware, and specifically this is the main source of income for Ukrainian companies. In the current situation, many countries are not far away burning desire to always buy new weapons standards, but prefer a deep modernization of the existing samples.

Ukraine increases export of military equipment

This and more profitable in terms of cost, and of new types of equipment are often not so very different from that performed 10-20 years ago. In particular, such a policy is peculiar to third world countries with the highest incomes are not. The only exceptions are rich in advanced countries, or countries that live by the sale of crude oil, for example, Iraq.

By the way, specifically Iraq is one of the main buyers of Ukrainian military equipment. Thus, 2010 year in this country did BTR-4 and AN-32, this year, their supplies should continue. But countries such as India and China are showing more enthusiasm specifically to the modernization of equipment and, namely, all the same AN-32 Ukrainian production. True, the Middle Kingdom has an agreement with Ukraine and the construction of new ships, "Bison". But for disk imaging, leaked to the press, 2010 the construction of these ships was not started, as there is no data, and that now the situation has changed.

However, despite this, the representatives of "Ukrspecexport" argue that in 2011 year with various countries have signed contracts worth about 1 billion. bucks, and it says that, despite the difficulties, the export of weapons from Ukraine grows. In this case, it is not at the expense of sales of surplus equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as it was say 10-15 years back, but due to the production of new models and upgrading the previously supplied.

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