Ukraine is ready to transfer to China the new Russian military secrets

Ukraine is ready to transfer to China the new Soviet military secretsUkraine and China stepping up military-technical cooperation. This was stated by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov during a meeting with the Chief of General Staff of the People's Liberation Army, Colonel General Chen Binda. "Ukraine is ready to intensify military cooperation, exchange of military delegations, attaches, to expand the training of Chinese military in the higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine", — allocated Azarov.

According to him, promising a cooperation in the development of languid transport aircraft, large-capacity ships, hovercraft, construction of tanks and air defense.

"It is particularly wish to draw attention to the aircraft industry. Chinese aircraft company and the Ukrainian enterprise "Antonov" to deepen cooperation"- Said Azarov, adding that Ukraine possesses the most modern technology, namely the construction of languid transport planes, which have no analogues in the world.

Ukrainian bureaucrat instructed subordinates to create a 5-10-year-old program from cooperation between Ukraine and China.

As reported, "New Region", the outgoing week in China was launched for trials last aircraft carrier "Varyag", which after the collapse of the Soviet Union went to Ukraine built by 67%, but was sold to Beijing at a cost of scrap metal.

In June 2011, Viktor Yanukovych signed a favorite of the Chinese declaration declare China and Ukraine's strategic partners.

Our homeland is not once expressed concern over the actions of China's copying of Russian and Russian military equipment. Namely, in Moscow voiced protests against plans to transfer to China of Kiev documentation landing craft air cushion type "Bison".

In June 2010, as it became clear that Chinese engineers have collected the first model of carrier-based fighter fourth-generation J-15, copy it to the Russian Su-33. Analogue of "Sukhoi" created on the basis of the 1 st of its first prototype — prototype T10K Russian times, which China in 2005 he received from Ukraine.

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