Ukraine is trying to make up for the expensive gas

Ukraine is trying to make up for the expensive gas

Until nedavneshnego, the project was a thread engineering complex, unique in its features, the development of which in the past 70-80 years of age participated 10s of research institutes from all over the Russian Union.

At the airport in the town of Saki special simulator was built, the main purpose of which was reduced to working out non-hazardous operations, as the take-off and landing on an aircraft carrier specifically. With the help of special devices was the possibility of creating artificial stormy sea. In addition, the simulator has also been provided for specific devices and throwing a springboard which helped to train pilots to soar. Experts say that the field simulator fully simulates the deck, "Admiral Kuznetsov", Russian aircraft carrier.

In 1997, between Ukraine and Russia have reached an agreement, according to which the Russian pilots had the opportunity to train in a simulator based on several summer months. In return, Ukrainian side received the order of 0.5-1 million bucks, which is not paid in the form of living resources, and spare parts to offset Ukrainian combat aircraft, and the repair work specifically on the complex. Yes, and this board is very irregular, also takes into account the cost of spare parts is not, and more than the highest market value.

After a couple of years after the signing of the agreements, and specifically in 2003, the Ukrainian government for the first time reminded of the need to increase the rent, and that it would be good to behold live agent. The problem was also that the Russian side there was a significant debt for the introduction of the landfill. Practically speaking, there is nothing unusual in the fact that the scandal, which had continued in 2009. When Yushchenko came to power, the situation has worsened, because training Russian pilots were terminated. But, if in 2008 the Ukrainians were not allowed to Russian pilots ground for political reasons, namely because our homeland took part in the conflict of Abkhazia and South Ossetia with Georgia, in 2009, a prerequisite for denying the Russians were Tipo technical problems. Yet, in Russia such explanations deemed frivolous and inconclusive. In addition, the Ukrainian side there were complaints about Russian settlement scheme for the introduction of the landfill thread. Simply put, the Ukrainian side was unhappy with the quality and timing of deliveries of spare parts.

Due to the similar situation in 2007, Our homeland said that Ukrainian complex is out of date, because it will build its own training ground on its territory.

When the party came to power of the Regions — the Russian pilots again have the opportunity to use simulator. Yet, the negotiations on the rise in rents and rent it and test a whole is not over. In addition, the economic crisis has forced the Russian military to temporarily abandon the construction projects of a similar simulator, the price of which has been estimated 6 billion dollars.

Despite the statements of defense ministers of both countries a year ago that the parties were able to agree, no positive configurations to nedavneshnego time runs out. According to Anatoly Serdyukov, the new agreement should be signed in the coming time to pay. Official records, the Russian government decided to take cash requirements of Ukraine, and agreed to increase the amount of rent up to 2 million dollars. In addition, the Russian side has also agreed to invest their own money in the modernization of the complex and the purchase of new equipment. And all went, like, well, as long as the problem does not appear brand new. Our homeland has acted strongly against the proposals of the Ukrainian side of the ability of the admission to the range of third parties, namely, the pilots of China, whose government had already long been showing great enthusiasm to the project thread.

According to the Center for professional research Army and Disarmament Sergei Zgurtsa for year, which has passed since the accords, the situation has changed virtually one hundred percent. Thus, in the current time, the Chinese are engaged in building 2-military ranges that are almost identical Ukrainian simulator. And our home for the next year is also planned to build its own similar site. According to the views of the professional Russian side only so I agreed with all of the requirements of the Ukrainians that there was an urgent need for training Indian pilots. The fact is that in 2004, India bought the Russian Federation 16 MiG-29K, then in 2010 — another 29 such machines. At the current time the first batch of aircraft have already been delivered, and the simulator in order to prepare pilots — no.

Dmitry Tymchuk, expert of the political-military research, and sure Ukrainian ground Russians needed only temporarily. According to him, according to the documents prepared for signing, there is a special discussion on the point that all the experts at work on the Ukrainian landfill come from Russia, so Makarov, while building their own ground, they will be able to gain the necessary experience. At the same time, the Ukrainian experts at during this time lost all their skills and qualifications.

Despite the fact that there is no official disk imaging on those documents and the issues that would be discussed during the meeting of defense ministers of 2-August of this year in Kiev, experts are convinced that in this case it was not about the dilemmas based Russian Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Crimea. Naturally, the Russian side can claim the adoption of proposals for upgrading its fleet, but Ukraine is unlikely to agree to it. Very much out unequal exchange. Especially since the Ukrainians, too, do not fool — well aware that a contract to lease the landfill and the agreement that will affect the military-political situation in the region as a whole — is quite different things.

According to the views of D.Tymchuka, if we talk about the equivalent water changes, it is necessary to proceed from the essence of the matter. If it is a question of public interest, that the demands of the Russians on the revision of agreements to re-fleet in Crimea to seek a revision of gas prices. After all, once Kiev has already goof, when after the Kharkiv agreements Our homeland has received what it had sought, and Ukraine — instead of the promised substantial lowering gas prices had to be content with a very strange discount, which, if you look, nothing. Accordingly, in the present time, any questions relating to the deployment of the Russian fleet in Crimea, the Ukrainian government is seen as an opportunity to make up for the expensive gas.

But then there is a completely logical question: if our home will have its own set of what to do then with the common thread, because Ukraine has no aircraft carriers, because of friction at the site some. Ukraine, he in fact did not need. But you just give it too can not be, because it is a good source of income. Representatives of the Ukrainian side, even talking about how to use the ground as an attraction for tourists: in-1's, much has been said about him in the press, because he is known in the world, in-2, he has a lucrative geographic location, and in- 3, at the site all have the right to conduct tours. But this is nonsense, and if you really can not afford the maintenance of naval forces, then it is better to turn away from them and not to disgrace themselves in the world. If you do not turn away from
the fleet, then you should try to use military facilities for the intended purpose.

Much less that the Ukrainian trainer and other interested countries, except Russia, namely India and China. But if India, as Russians say, will not appeal to Ukraine with a request for assistance in the training of military pilots, so as not want to quarrel with Russia, China is certainly probably will not stop halfway. Even if the Chinese and started construction on its territory, to gain the experience they need here and there.

But experts still believe that the better option for Ukraine will be the normalization of relations with the Russians, benchmarks using the equipment and the provision of bilateral safeguards as applicable price. In addition, the need to reach a consensus on the use of landfill and other states, so Makarov, Ukraine will be able to develop military-technical cooperation with the countries of the world.

A reincarnated ground in an amusement park or tourist attraction is always plenty of time.

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