Ukraine, Our homeland, Belarus: the dream of reunification

Ukraine, Russia, Belarus: the dream of reunificationSix months back, April 18 rally in Sevastopol, timed to the anniversary of the decree of Catherine II of the Crimea to Russia. The event was the Consul General of Russian Federation in the Crimea Vladimir Andreev, who came specially from Simferopol.

Thousand people acted under the banner of the Russian Federation and the symbols of the party "Russian bloc." At the rally sounded slogans: "Sevastopol is Russian," "Three countries — one nation."

Comrade Andreyev said: "Crimea and Sevastopol always dictated the entire RF highest standards of love for the Fatherland. In a certain extent, this practice is, thankfully, lasts today. Namely, during the last election campaign Sebastopol citizens, who coordinates the "Russian bloc" true Russian voters recommend what actions should be to manage Russia. They warned that there is no need to submit any unsafe and provocative trends and dance to the overall tune. The Russians made the right choice, including tips on Sevastopol and the Crimean countrymen. "

Consul General also urged the pro-Russian organizations in Sevastopol merge, but "not letting the extremists in their ranks, provocateurs and outsiders." Andreev asked the protesters to show respect "to the state, on the ground of historical events which will live our countrymen."

In response, the Sevastopol city council member from the party "Russian bloc" Dmitry Belik said: "Yes, we recognize now that the Ukrainian territory here, but the land is — Russian. How long are we going to admit it, until then we will lead people to prosperity and unity with Russia. We are law-abiding people, but we are on Russian soil, and we will defend our rights. "

The motto "Three countries — one nation" sounded half a year back is not wasted.

September 21 in Moscow began collecting signatures for the charter on the reunification of the people of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, and the first of the cities of Sevastopol in Ukraine supported this long-awaited initiative.

The creators of the Charter put forward a proposal to "assist in the preparation and holding a general referendum on the reunification of our people", which refer to the people, public associations and the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This document is about the development of interstate confederal union of the three countries betrothed.

In the text-intensive distributed on the Web, said: "We are living in a broken municipal boundaries Ukraine, Russian Federation and Belarus, with an emphasis on historical experience and striving for the future, consider this separation accomplished against the will of our people, preventing our free development and well-being . In this regard, we proclaim the Charter of Reunion of our people! "

The Charter is aimed at initiating the collection of signatures for a referendum RF, Ukraine and Belarus, and make it the question of the reunification of the three nations. In addition, the document provides for the possibility of joining the confederation of other states.

Dmitry Belik commented on the initiative of the Russians: "Each of the Charter Fri resonates with my election applets. We have no other way but to a rapprochement with Russia and Belarus. "

Comrade Belik believes that Ukraine should turn around to face the Russian Federation and to follow the example of Belarus. If Ukraine enter into a customs alliance, then, the views Belik, it will be able to save time in the year to 8,000,000,000. bucks (including buying cheaper gas from the Russian Federation, as it can allow itself to brotherly Belarus. Indeed, Belarus pays for blue fuel only 160 bucks for a thousand cubic meters). Conventional today followed by economic reasons and ideological: "Only in the unity of Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians, united by common roots, the strength and prosperity of Slavic civilization. We have a common history, common cultural values, we have a spiritual world. I call on all patriots Sevastopol: leave your signature if you think that the alliance of friendly countries and will need the upcoming step towards unification of our peoples. "

On October 8, the "New Region", it was reported that the collection of signatures in support of the referendum on the reunification of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus started in Sevastopol. This was said city council member from the "Russian bloc", the candidate of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Belik. Currently signatures collected in his campaign tents.

D. Belik believes that Ukraine is no other way except how to reunite with Russia: "We have no other way except as a rapprochement with Russia and Belarus. We — one people, who shared the greedy policy in 1991. Speaking about the current foreign policy orientation of Ukraine, I do not quite know who gave the right to MPs to vote for the law "On the basis of state of foreign policy" in its present wording. This law implies that the vector of the country is focused only on Ukraine joining the EU, the WTO, the Euro-Atlantic organizations. "

He added: "I am very surprising: how could the deputies from Sevastopol to vote for the law, which does not reflect the interests of the inhabitants not only the south-east and the Crimea, and the center Ukraine? I anxiously declare that the current law on foreign policy reflects only the interests of Galicia — Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Obviously, I have nothing against the representatives of the regions of our country, but we can only dance to the tune of "shareware patriots" … "

"New Region" recalls that the initiative referendum belongs to the Orthodox Moscow. Started to collect signatures in the Russian capital parishioners of St. Nicholas in the three slides, which the abbot — Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society of the ROC.

Progressive ideology Belik friend does not share all Ukrainians. Here, for example, Valerie Tails, lawyer and jurist, whose article called "The 5th Column deployed front against the country Ukraine"Wrote:

"There are a few questions to the people and the authorities, which shall ensure the security, independence and suverinetet countries Ukraine. Why the Russian Orthodox Church puts its own lousy nose in municipal affairs of Ukraine in international political affairs? Is the Church is not divided from the country?

Why the competent Ukrainian authorities have not completed these wrongful acts in the bud and they last? Does Ukraine have power or it can just starve people by tax levies, prices and rates that soar immensely from month to month? "(Quoted without editing).

It appears that the emperor lawyer and jurist in public ratuyuschemu for strong Ukrainian statehood, before the enemy should learn some English. The word "sovereignty" is spelled with the "e" in the middle, and after "and" in the penultimate syllable, and the noun "church" includes, among other letters Mya
genko character (no, not in the middle).

As for the "lousy nose" that lawyers and jurists should not stoop to similar expressions. Or among Ukrainian lawyers to keep up appearances is considered old-fashioned, and "lousy noses" are prevalent on ships as well often as fights happen in parliament?

Sovereign lawyer asks: "Is there power in Ukraine, or it can just starve people tax levies, prices and rates that soar immensely from month to month? "

So maybe it is better to join? After all, comrade Belik about tariffs explained to fully intelligible.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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