Ukraine will buy 10 tanks and 20 four upgrades

Ukraine will buy ten tanks and twenty-four upgrades

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in 2012, wants to buy the top 10 battle tanks "Hold." According to "Interfax", it was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Volodymyr Mozharovsky. Details of the upcoming procurement Mozharovsky not passed, but noted that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry plans to modernize the 20 four tanks T-64B to the level of the BM ("Bulat").

Ukraine's military budget for this year is 16.4 billion. hryvnia (about 2 billion. dollars). 0,967 billion. hryvnia will be focused on the purchase of the latest technology, upgrading of existing weapons and to conduct research and development. It is planned to upgrade the Su-25, MiG-29 trainer aircraft L-39 "Albatros".

As said Director of money the Ministry of Defence, Ivan Marko, in 2012, is meant to renovate 20 one aircraft, 5 helicopters, 40 engines and 600 twelve units of land art. In addition, funding will continue the modernization programs and the production of tanks "Hold" and "Bulat". In the words Mozharovsky, through the example program will upgrade the Su-27 and Su-24 bombers.

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