Ukraine will reduce the army and cancel the call, declared Yanukovych

Ukraine will reduce the army and cancel the call, declared YanukovychThe number of Ukrainian Armed Forces will be significantly reduced, and call for military service terminated — the country does a professional army, in what will be only the contract, announced by President Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.

"Analysis of recent armed conflicts shows that victory is not achieved at the expense of the number of troops, but due to their high level of training, equipment and professionalism," — said Yanukovych during the celebrations of the 21 th anniversary of the Armed Forces Ukraine in the House of officers in Kiev. In this regard, he noted, will be revised tasks, structure and system of the APU, reports "Interfax".

Previously developed by the Department of Defense Ukraine Reform implies a reduction of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian army in the next 5 years from 192 thousand to 70 thousand people and the abolition of compulsory service in the armed forces already before 2017.

In Russia, the military government has often said that in our country, cancel the call and the transition to a contract army until absolutely do not seem likely. On the days of this position confirmed the new head of the General Staff — change of course will not be one hundred percent man the Russian army with contract no plans. Turn away from the call too, no one is going, and to increase the compulsory military service — also, said Valery Gerasimov.

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