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December 9, 2011 7:17

In 1929, in Western Europe, thousands of amateurs caught an unusual transmission. Someone named Nick, who introduced the messenger of extraterrestrial civilizations in four languages (English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese, for two hours in each language) read the text, went down in history as the third letter of ufology KOH (Coalition Troop Observers) mankind. At the time, this caused a lot of noise transmission and content of the message is still in many books on UFOs.

Secret is not revealed until now

Even among ufologists opinions about the message KOH 1929 diverge. Some believe the broadcast someone skilled joke, and its contents — banal and with the spirit of science fiction at the time. Many people, however, tend to see in all this is more. Already the broadcast on the radio, they say, it is extremely difficult to implement the project at the time. Also unknown Nick was clearly aware of the issues that most scientists at the time had a very vague idea. For example, he knew about the theory of the expanding universe, which in '29 yet put forward (in the message it is called false), and predicted that in 10 years on Earth World War breaks out. Some experts go even further, suggesting that a short text message contains a wealth of information that could give a big research institute. The efforts of the same institution and are required to analyze the information.

The letter states that it is the third in a row. The first was sent to earthlings in 576 BC, and its inhabitants were then the largest city Apuradhapura. Second message in 711 BC worthy inhabitants of the Americas Tkaattsetkoatl which KOH considered the most "advanced" at the time. Already in 1929, experts were perplexed about this: it was hard to choose a more inopportune time and destinations. Aliens, with all their vision, it turns out, did not realize that the message of the ancient Hindus and the ancient Americans do not reach modern humanity even in the form of legends. You might as well KOH could apply to, say, the ancient Aleuts, or to the ancient Australian aborigines. By the way, what was discussed in the first two letters in the Third is said.

By the Earth gravitational cyclone approaches

The focus of the third message given cosmology, reasoning about the fallacy of many earth science concepts, shortcomings of the human mind and the nature of human civilization. "The world, in fact, put a few experiments with different types of civilization — we read in the text of the message. — Some of them approved of KOH. Unfortunately, the various civilizations could coexist peacefully, when the process of the development and spread of emerging opportunities of direct contact between them. Generally, the more coarse and primitive civilization, and therefore more cruel, destroying more advanced and humane. Currently in the world dominated by the most primitive of all — the machine civilization. It affects all of humanity, keep it under control and will never will be a new civilization, if not destroy itself or if mankind does not take the development of the global machine civilization into their own hands and gradually transforms it into another kind of civilization, over a sensible race … "

The purpose of the message was to call mankind to negotiate with the Coalition Troop Observers for entry into the Galactic Coalition, which dates back about 220 thousand intelligent races. For humans it is vital: According to Nick, the solar system is approaching gravitational cyclone, which can destroy the Earth. Therefore, humans must join the coalition as soon as possible, no later than 65,000 years after sending this appeal to the Coalition was able to help them prepare for the cyclone.

Then, perhaps, begin to doubt even the most credulous reader, aliens with his terrific knowledge of earthly affairs must have realized that their message is nothing but ridicule and bewilderment, the world will not meet. Or do they really think that the government to attend to the earth gravitational cyclone to come through 65,000 years? V1929, humanity was not in the space of coalitions, and certainly not to the gravity of cyclones. In the Soviet Union unfolded collectivization in China brewing bloody civil war raged in the U.S. Great Depression …
Even the few scientists who believe in extraterrestrial source of the message, puzzled shrug.

In the center of extraterrestrial intrigue

But here in 1996, followed by a so-called fourth message KOH earthlings, which seems to be clarified. Or, at least, gave cause for reflection.

Earthly governments, of course, the message was ignored, and the press rushed to portray him as someone radioshutku. The reasons for this have been considerable, since it was in the text of the things absolutely fantastic. There is almost no mention of cosmology and humanity, and not a word was said about the notorious gravitational cyclone. Generally, when reading the message of the Fourth impression that KOH concern not so much the fate of the Earth and its people, how many of the various space races, competing with each other for influence in earthly affairs. The message KOH persuade humanity to take this fight him, Conan side.

In particular, people are informed that the race of "gray" ("Grace") intends to include Earth in the Orion Empire and establish her own order. However, the Galactic Coalition, consisting of many worlds of space and on behalf of that broadcast KOH, hopes that humans rejected the claims of the Empire, and will be part of the Coalition. In ancient times, the "gray" was placed in the depth of the Earth's supercomputer, and now want to restart it, to finally enslave the planet. When enabled, the computer emits a certain vibration, which can put a barrier between humans and spiritual knowledge of the universe. Also, the computer can be used to stimulate stress, anxiety, quarrels, violence, paranoia, conflict and war.

Slaves of the Empire?

However, the situation at the moment is that the Earth and its underground computer in addition to "gray" space claim multiple races. All he has hidden from humans and database objects in the world, appeared at different times. Reptoids that are present on the Earth for 10,000 years, see themselves as its only legitimate owners. Civilization Sirius claims that Reptoids once concluded a treaty with them, in which she lost her right to the land. Pleiades representatives insist that the ownership of land they have, because they have allegedly been established a "spiritual connection" with humanity. Vega messengers do not claim their rights, but always ready to intervene in the quarrel. The letter also states that "gray" is not dominant in the empire, and in general they are only mercenaries. Empire ruled by a kind of civilization Orions.

"Humanity can" gray "manipulated, — the fourth letter. — Most people do not realize that right now is actually to serve the Empire. Among the very few people understand the real aims and objectives of the presence of Orions and their "gray" mercenaries in the world. Galactic Coalition placed to prevent imperial expansion, but it is waiting for when people see a threat and asked for help. "

Nothing in particular, which could confirm this information is not contained in the message. So that he can be trusted, but you can not. The fact that the aliens keep thousands of humans in direct relation to himself, not far from the truth. But it is also true, however, that the information coming from the aliens (and it received a lot lately) is almost always controversial and unproven. By submitting any information, newcomers like trying to get us to the side, to confuse, to send the wrong path. It is possible that the same is the purpose and message of KOH.

By Igor Voloznev
Secrets of the twentieth century, № 19, 2011

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