United States: in the brain blind from birth of the artist revealed inner vision




Scientific tests have revealed the "inner vision" in the brain of a blind painter from Turkey Esrefa Armagan, who from birth can not see even light. According to the magazine New Scientist, Armagan testing conducted in the United States.

The artist paints with astonishing realism houses, animals and landscapes, which he had never seen, but Armagan brain scans showed that in the process of drawing "switched on" the visual cortex region of its nearly to the same extent as that of a sighted person. In other words, a blind man could imagine one or the other way as if he had once seen it firsthand. Moreover, these visual images he remembers and can play years later.

Phenomenal artist paints a picture of the fingers, applying paint to canvas one color, and then after it is completely dry — took turns going in the course of other colors, creating a unique artistic technique. Armagan first sketches: he spends a wedge on the surface of the canvas, leaving a shallow groove, which the master immediately probes the fingers and checks the validity of the drawn shapes.

Sensation of color, as the magazine, there was an artist by simply memorizing the words matching the sighted people. For example, Armagan used to think that if the object is red, then the shadow of it should be the same color. Only the part of the explanation he remembered that the sky should be blue, the sea is blue and the grass — green.

Esrefu Armaganu now 51. He was born into a poor family in Istanbul, could not go to school, and nobody did anything to teach him to paint. In six years, Esref himself took up a pencil, and with 18 years he began to write in oils with the fingers. In '42 the artist moved on quickly dry gouache. Thanks to his paintings Armagan was famous not only in Turkey but also gained popularity abroad.

Battery News, 06:53 01.02.2005
Source: RIA "Novosti"

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