Urban Legends: input in parallel worlds

February 8, 2012 19:06

According to legend, was born in the land of Perm prophet Zarathustra. The town itself is on the Kama River was founded 280 years ago. In place of the Old Slavonic pagan shrines and temples are often built Christian church — it was a "place of strength." Not without reason, experts on the paranormal, there seems to be open "pass" in parallel dimensions and worlds …

So, on the bank of the Kama River, in the street Ordzhonikidze, the house is located, once belonged to a merchant Meshkov. Nikolai Meshkov loved to have fun with women, dishonor young meschanok. Some give birth to his illegitimate babies and fearing disgrace, threw babies to the threshold papashinogo mansion. Finding foundlings merchant parked them in shelters. Sometimes, however, the child managed to freeze before it was found on the porch.

And now, in the house at night is heard crying and moaning — it's as if sobbing ruined Meshkov women and children …

Right next to the mansion Meshkov, on the same street is the former bishop's complex. Now in its museum building will house the art gallery and zoo cage. Once there was located the Cathedral with extensions, and with him — churchyard, where they buried the prominent people of the city — high-ranking officials, clergy, doctors … After the Revolution, in the 20 years of the Bolsheviks were expelled "clergy" and destroyed the cemetery: a broken fence grave and removed the gravestones, and at this point made a zoo. Since then, the souls of the dead, as they say old-timers do not find peace. At night in the empty halls of the museum heard footsteps and strange sounds, but from the street sometimes seen wandering lights in the windows.

Sometimes museum workers face haunted lady, dressed in black, and the monk. The latter say that it is none other than the last archbishop of the cathedral Andronicus, who was brutally murdered Red commissars, forcing him to dig his own grave first, and then covered with earth alive. Now the Archbishop with a sad face wanders through the museum …

In the city archives is a record that, while bookmarks in the city of Perm in 1723 on the site of the current river station was monastic hermitage, and next — ancient wooden-foot idol. Perhaps it symbolized Chernobog, whose cult existed for many centuries in the future Perm. Was an underground temple dedicated to this deity.

The area Glyadenovskogo kostischa autumn 2002 unearthed an underground sanctuary open Perm archaeologists in the XIX century. Then the scientists determined that it was built between VI and XVI centuries AD. During excavations found numerous religious objects, products of local craftsmen.

It turned out that a mountain Glyadenovskaya tiered structure, like a pyramid. Located at the foot of the monastic hermitage, and half covered with deep led underpass.

Preserved and the entrance to the ancient cave near Gallery in the basement of a two-story mansion, rebuilt again in the middle of the XIX century, after the great fire. They say that there is another shrine. Several years ago, three local boys decided to get in there.

The underground passage led into a vaulted tunnel, lined with red brick, hit a wall, lined with rubble. The wall was a small break, and would have been open for a long gallery — seem even more ancient tunnel. Stones covered it a whitish bloom — whether mold, or moss. There was a strange, slightly sour smell. Next gallery came down, turning into a large hall. At the center of his children saw the rise of stone, resembling an altar.

On the walls were carved with strange symbols and designs. One of these represented the old man with a crooked stick in his hand, around which swarmed crows and ants, and lay a lot of skulls and bones.

From the audience in different directions diverge even a few moves. Drawn from the same draft — somewhere nearby was an additional output to the surface. Suddenly there was a rustle and strange sounds. Rays Lantern spotlit dark shape and two red wide-set eyes.

— Werewolves! — Exclaimed one of the diggers. (So people call werewolves, wearing a wolf mask.) Dropped their equipment, comrades made his way back to the exit. Suddenly the guy polzshy last jerked back with a cry, and disappeared into the dark cave. Invisible creature grabbed his leg and pulled to her. Win free from his grasp, digger broke the surface.

More talk about the great white tailless rat, waylaid by diggers in abandoned mines Motovilikha where once hidden from robbers hunted in the city at the end of XIX century gang Lbov. According to local lore, there there are underground facilities, laid carpets in these halls gang kept the loot. Hunters are still looking for the treasure "wicked" people …

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