Vasily was buzzing: In Chernobyl, we have thrown into the thick of

Who are they, Chernobyl liquidators? Having for his exploits in the fight against the "peaceful atom"? How do they live? What they want to say and the descendants of those who are planning the construction of a victim of its own radiation Belarus nuclear power plant?

In a series of reports, "People in the" zone "- the story of Chernobyl liquidator Basil Gulaya of Rechitzy.

In the "Chernobyl Year" Basil was buzzing was the thirty-second he did minder cement plugging the unit in the management of the production association "Belorusneft".

It with the same expertise and thrown into the thick: to help build the sarcophagus over the destroyed reactor — a concrete shirt to relieve the release of deadly isotopes:

"I and everyone who was working with me, they were just plugging a council. We could drive this liquid cement sarcophagus. We placed near the main entrance units and drove liquid cement. Two of our sent to exposed beams. They rolled tubes. One was dead, and the second, as they say, is breathing its last. "

After the first trip to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and a little rest Basil and others like it, tampanazhnikav sent to 20 days in the 30-kilometer zone in Narovlyansky area. Pulled down and fastened Radamlyanskuyu hole number 10 to pump into the depths of the channels around the nuclear power plant radioactive water. But the ground for some reason did not take that water, and the plan had been abandoned.

Basil had in 1987, and a third time to send in the "zone," but doctors have found some flaws in the ECG, and it is no longer threatened.

Liquidator little regret that in the "zone" then it was not Alexander Lukashenko:

Too bad that was not with us … Alexander G.

"It's too bad that we did not have Alexander G.. Not that he's got health deteriorated — let it as the saying goes, live to be a hundred years old. I am due to the fact that if he were with us, we would have been like in the days of Brezhnev who was on the "Minor earth."

Some notable concern for the liquidators, according to Mr. buzzing was really just before the end of the former Soviet Union and the beginning of the modern history of Belarus. Since 1995, assistance to the liquidators urezvalisya and gutted, and now they are allotted to almost zero:

Give a tiny supplement to retirement — 30,000 …

"Give to supplement meager pensions — 30,000. Roughly speaking, $ 10. We addressed and to Parliament and to the President. But we were told that the money is needed to revive the land that is contaminated by radiation, and they do. In other words, our money buried in the ground that in this "pure land" us neatly to bury. "

Vasily buzzing still working at Narovlya area, began to help my colleagues, that they counted as a job assignment in the "zone."

Soon buzzing creates Rechitza if not the country's first social organization of Chernobyl. He began to seek th improve labor skills tampanazhnikav. Who was the 5 discharge, he received the sixth for certain categories of the administration was forced to enter 7 and 8 bits. About a hundred workers were grateful buzzing.

However, the management is not very much. Smaller heads for steel trap "defense of workers' catch on different details. And finally dismissed for alleged systematic violation of labor regulations.

Vasily three he was without work, odd jobs. And he had a family — a wife and two sons.

Finally liquidator, having more right to free travel on suburban transport, went on a journey. At the 25-dyzel-trains and trains, on the associated transport, with transfers and expectations got to the development of the Russian oil fields in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Nestled on a drilling rig "Rosneft" and it still worked more than 12 years — in addition to the 22's in "Belorusneft".

Russian oil structure is not the best way do to Belarusians — are not always paid for them in the social security fund. As a result, not all of the work in the North considered as service.

Vasily began to apply to the Russian court to restore justice — for himself and for dozens of other defrauded:

"In Russia, the attitude is indifferent, saying that we will not send you, you're from another country. Chernobyl We were not given the holidays. But Russia can prove something in court. With grief in half, but the courts are working. Somewhere to fifty oil I managed to regain their seniority. "

His Chernobyl organization Rechitza buzzing could not defend. It was closed by a local court for lack of a legal address in the non-residential premises. Then Basil joined the United Civil Party.

Towards a new nuclear power plant, which will build the Belarusian authorities in the Astraviec in the Grodno region, Chernobyl liquidator is negative. Believes that with this level of construction, both in Belarus and Russia, problems at nuclear power plants are likely to be. And it is unlikely there will be willing to climb again in the nuclear inferno:

"People who look like me have concerned are unlikely to worry about. Fools will not find them to go something to defend. Homeland also have to think about those who defend it. And we saved not only his country, but also Europe of this atomic plague. "

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