In the sky above the Goychay region of Azerbaijan have seen UFOs

November 11, 2012 9:31

In the skies over Goychay region of Azerbaijan have seen a UFO. According to local APA, last night at about 22:00 in the sky over Goychay region experienced an unusual shape shiny unidentified flying object.


Circular object glowing at high altitude, and then, later, he continued to move in the direction from east to west, and then again soared. Exude a bright beam of light the object can be observed within 2 minutes, after which he disappeared from view.

Witnesses said they saw as it spotlights a diameter of 50-60 cm, in this part of the sky was milky. Residents of the area managed to shoot a video camera UFO. Geokchaytsy claim that they have observed a similar object in June of this year, in connection with which experienced moments of excitement.

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