VIDEO: Five of the most terrible and compelling videos on YouTube with ghosts

February 12, 2013 22:46

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On YouTube full of all sorts of paranormal "sensationalism." And we're not going to insist on the authenticity of the rollers, which are presented in this article. We just picked the ones that seemed to us the most convincing.
1. Flying girl

Approximately 99 per cent for the exposure "supernatural" commercials enough to ask, "Why did someone had the idea to take pictures at this moment? "People do not walk around with cameras at the ready, in case that a UFO fly past them, writes

But in this case does not undermine: the man decided to make a video about how his dog brings Oporto. At some point the dog loses all interest in the stick and runs away. The owner is trying to catch up with his Tarzan and stumbles upon two female figures, one of them floating in the air about three meters from the ground.

The one older — in an orange jacket, observes and evaluates the flight as if younger.

The guy behind the camera is close to consider strange scene closer and then a stranger to notice it. Flying girl down to the ground and both give tear.

The most likely explanation for this puzzle — a girl hung from a rope tied to a nearby tree. In the video, there is one piece — when the guy comes closer, the lens is a second or two turned to the ground. After that, he rises again — and we see a girl already at the bottom. We do not see how it goes down, so if you did have a rope, then during that time was quite possible to get away from them.

There are other versions — a crane, for example, or computer graphics. But the version with ropes looks the most likely.

2. Headless ghost

This video was removed four Iraqi teenagers who went to an abandoned school specifically looking for ghosts. Two minutes later they hang around on the stairs and corridors, looking into the empty classrooms and shooting everything that comes their way, but nothing interesting happens.

And somewhere in the middle of a title object really pulls something strange:

Teens drive aimlessly camera back and forth, when the frame right before our eyes ghost materializes and begins to move towards being filmed. And all this is accompanied by a long, low, and quite otherworldly wail.

Even the most hardened ghost hunter a second left to the school with a wild scream. The children did not respond to it have anything at all — either did not notice or did not pay attention and continued to explore the building, as if nothing had happened. In the next two minutes is not going quite unremarkable — can stop and watch.

Incidentally, the "howling" with a ghost has nothing to do — it comes from the mosque in the neighborhood, where just the service began.

In commenting on this movie was leading hypothesis that one of the boys just went to the window, and the "ghost" because he was a bright light behind him. But if you carefully watch the video again, you'll notice that a few seconds before the camera to take a ride around the floor, and the room was obviously completely empty.

It's really very similar to a translucent figure without a head, which appeared out of nowhere in an empty room. You can even see how it begins to "leak" out of the wall and take human shape.

If these giggling teenagers tune all this on purpose — that is, to acknowledge that the work was done very subtly.

3. Angel from Jakarta

What can you expect from a movie called "The Angel of Jakarta"? The bright white spot of sunshine, some firefly sitting on the camera … But no.

This security camera is mounted on a square in Jakarta (Indonesia). At the beginning of the video we see almost uninhabited area — time later. And suddenly, the seventh second from above the asphalt flops something large, luminous and with wings. Then he bounces like a ball, and a second later drops out of sight.

After a few seconds, came running together a crowd of onlookers, who are beginning to examine the crash site of the "angel," as if he could drop the keys or wallet.

Version there may be one — computer graphics. But we have to admit — the one who did it, tried to glory. Please note that the glow of the "angel" covers even some surface in the opposite corner of the frame.

4. Fallen Angel from Catalonia

The action takes place in Catalonia, Spain. Begin with, the two boys made their way through the woods at night. They are clearly trying to find the source of strange sounds. In this situation, the presence of the camera is quite obvious — where strange sounds, and there may be something worth to be imprinted on the video:

Guys go to the sound, and along the way they start to come across a huge white feathers that seem out of place in the forest because it is unlikely that all of a sudden to some giant swan or a duck walk on fantasy come more often.

Then they found in the bushes a figure which at first resembles the man curled up — as long as there is not turning his head:

If you stop the image, you can see that the eyes are being planted very deep, head and face are much larger than a man, and all he was incredibly pale. If it is a fake, it is also a very skilled — make up the monster completely in the tradition of Hollywood.

If you look closely, you can even see the marks on his back, as if in this place once had wings.

5. Ghost from Disneyland

This video looks highly suspicious is the name — why this specter is haunting false "Haunted House" built in a specially equipped for the public? Who would believe it?

However, the video begins with someone (apparently security officer) takes four monitors are connected to cameras located near the attraction "Haunted House" in Disneyland:

Filming for quite some reason brings the camera to one of the monitors. It takes a few seconds and it really there is something strange — clearly distinguishable but totally transparent figure.

Ghost of a leisurely stroll along the path, can easily pass through locked gates, cross the street, go to the river and disappeared from sight.

What is this? Like a man (or rather, the shadow of a man), but how can I get a picture on the screen guard? Some commentators have made the assumption that a similar effect can be created by the reflection of the monitor.

This version would be worth to consider, whether the guards room twenty meters in length and the same in width — then could theoretically be reflected appropriate scale on all four screens. But this raises another question: monitors are located on two levels, so that the room has to be a two-story addition also.

In general, and this time the most probable version, again connected using computer graphics.

Perhaps the guard stole all four films took home conjured and brought back to make this impressive hoax to YouTube.

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