Vitebsk detained journalist Vladislav Staroverova

Man shot on video, how people are going to the cross on the hill of the Assumption to pray together for the victims of Chernobyl. Policemen do not like the fact that they, too, fall into the video clip.

Police uniformed and plain clothes near the Cathedral of the Assumption was quite a lot of them were in civilian clothes. One of the police officers present also shot a video camera. However, when they noticed that their shoots freelance journalist, two police officer Man knocked to the ground and dragged him, trying to take the camera away.

Vladislav Staroverova stood for the people and the police were forced to behave more correctly: the journalist stood up and taken to the police station under the escort of October. The department seized from Mr. Staroverova phone, so it is not known what exactly he is accused.

Several activists, led byTatiana Seviarynets also went to the police department and wrote a complaint to unreasonably abuse Vladislav Staroverova. Women also interviewed about the circumstances of the incident.

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