Vladimir Shulzhitsky trial in Minsk and Gomel Ales Kalita

April 25 in the Soviet court in Minsk judge activist Vladimir Shulzhitsky. The trial of Ales Kalita will be held today in the court of the district of Gomel Railway.

Vladimir Shulzhitsky

Ales Kalita

Vladimir Shulzhitsky detained on April 23 immediately upstream of the BPF office, where he had gone to a meeting of the youth commission. Shulzhitsky delivered to the Soviet district police department, where he spent the time before the trial. Human rights activists say it drawn up for disorderly conduct.

April 21 Shulzhitsky residence was searched, and most activists were detained and interrogated in the case of the Minsk terrorist attack.

The Secretary of the council BPF on organizational matters, the former chairman of the "Youth of BPF" Ales Kalita was arrested in Gomel, on the night of 23 to April 24. The police accused him of disorderly conduct, he allegedly swore.

Ales served in the same military unit near Lepel as the alleged perpetrator of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro.

"We suspect that this is all due to the opposition of trying to somehow tie in the bombings," — said the executive secretary of the council BPF Vladimir Labkovich.


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