Vladislav exploded. Portrait against a lattice


Smiling "Crocodile Gena"

If you look at the face of a short, but broad-shouldered man, immediately catches the eye cheerful smile and boundless kindness throughout his mind. This dabradushnasts and fun once confirmed at the first acquaintance. No wonder the school he was referred to as the "Crocodile Gena" — all for the same kindness. However, this trait does not prevent him from being very stubborn, principled and ideological struggle in man.

If the action of solidarity on the 16th of each month, began to gradually fade in "chains of those," Vlad was one of the last people still continued to go to that day on the main square of the country to express their solidarity. Most believed it meaningless. People who came 16th in the area, became less and less: no one wants to be detained on a monthly basis. And he kept going: and in the time of the so-called liberalization, if in a few months indifferent 16th did not touch, and at a time when detained necessarily, monthly, and in the sultry summer evening, and in the cold winter, when the temperature reached minus 20 or more.

That's the 20th day of when the country was gripped by the recent orgy of terror and aggression of unprecedented brutality "law enforcement" agencies, even when people were afraid to appear on the street, he came once again to express my solidarity, because I knew that in place of prisoners December 19 could be himself. And many who were at that time in prison, and did not believe could not even imagine that someone is after all what happened in the Square, will be released on the action to support them.

There were times when he was detained almost daily. But he continued to work and did not recognize his "guilt" in the courts, quietly listen to the next sentence, sounded dry and indifferent or cruel voice of the judge. But, oddly enough, the resentment on these servants of the regime he never held, and only said: "Why do I hate them? God sees everything. He will judge them. Still have all the answer to the Lord for all his actions and judgments." And now, despite the fact that, because of such "honest" people may deprive him of freedom, being able to see family and friends, chat with them, just to live as normal a conscientious man, as much as 15 years old, in his letters no Drops of aggression and hatred of those who are responsible for its conclusion. And really — they can only feel sorry for …

And this man is a distinguished character trait, as is always ready to help. More than once he rushed to beat the supporters of the brutal actions of the police

He was never indifferent to the fate of others. He respected their elders. There was always grateful man. Friends and acquaintances have heard, the love and tenderness Volodya said of his extended family: sisters, brothers, nephews …

I always tried to treat their activities responsibly. Even if covered laziness or unwillingness to deal with something, you still went and did it because I knew — it must be so, it is necessary organization. Taught others, why could not, and he went in the other.

And this man is a distinguished character trait, as is always ready to help. More than once he rushed to beat the supporters of the brutal actions of the police. Always kept up to the last and behaved calmly to the police department, and knowledgeable in legal relations.

However, eager not only a good companion, but also a true friend. All of his classmates and fellow students remember him with warmth and affection. He — the soul of any company is a very versatile person. Knows how to play the guitar and sing beautifully, is not limited to the technical sciences, which specialized in BSUIR, but interested and humanities, writes poetry, draws well enough. By the way, the poem "I love my land" Vladislav wrote a few hours before his arrest, and during a search of the KGB confiscated his notebook full of poetry …

His conclusion, he said the test, which sent him to the Lord, and that should go with dignity and courage, then to not be ashamed in front of his colleagues, all those who know him as a courageous, devoted to his patriot Belarus.

Anna Sharuba, a member of the "Young Front"

Vladislav Eremenok — an important figure of the Belarusian democracy movement. Short, stocky, always with a smile on his face. That smile makes pay attention to it. Repeatedly detained by police and intelligence services, he bravely and resolutely through all the tests. Even if you feel it concerns a cry from the heart — he never openly say so. Through all the trials of fate goes with humor and a smile.

An educated man, versed in computers and technology. A man of talent — writing poetry, singing with a guitar, delicious cooking.

Vladislav — the slave and the king of the timber. Slave, because the forest is destined to fight for his native Belarus, and the king, because he understands that no one else, and he carefully and relentlessly strives for freedom, freedom is not its own, as universal,-Belarusian.

Vladislav — a good-natured man and sincere to his friends. Without any prejudice it may be called a friend. He does not feel sorry for his friends have the time or wealth.

Active participant of solidarity with the prisoners political prisoners. Never afraid of arrests, caused in police department, court decisions. He sincerely and faithfully walks to her, to freedom Belarus.

He — a fighter! He — the defender! He — Belarusian!

Ivan Novick, a member of the "Young Front"

Poems settle Eremenko, written in prison and sent in letters to friends


I love their land — because of this I am an enemy?
Or because they do not want to sway back?
Or because I want freedom?
Because of this? So I'd rather die

But once free Belarusians …
Let me not to the power of gags!
I do not want to remain under duress
Our intimidated and injured people!

I'm not afraid of jail and suffering!
I long ago lost the fear of death!
It has long been thrown off the shackles,
That hang from the Belarusians on the feet!

I do not want my descendants
To live in freedom, as if in prison!
I want to have life in Belarus-mother!
Do not be sorry. The cost of any on me!

January 2011
Minsk, a few hours before his arrest


Belarus daughters and sons,
What each other will not leave
I love how the sisters and brothers,
After all, they give strength to not disappear.

After all, they protect, be comforted,
Do not forget, do not throw in trouble.
Thank you for your letter and hope!
Thanks for the friends, O Lord, to you!

January 2011
Minsk prison


Now let around "rasnichki" and grille
Cold walls, barbed wire …
But not SCAR godless
I am not afraid of death but a jail!

We have many Belarusians suffered so far,
The authorities are constantly plugged our mouths!
But do not close your mouth free of the poet,
While under duress lives, our people!

But I hope, my dear friend,
What grille will break the wall will fall,
On the wire stitching grow roses …
Then you'll live with freedom!

January 2011
Minsk prison


Why do I kill cats?
What am sitting in jail?
For that throw us in jail
Those who love their land?

Those who are willing to defend
From the enemies of their land,
Those who could not come to terms,
And was able to say, "I do not want to!

I do not want to put up with violence!
I do not want to look at bullying!
Throw enemies are cursed,
After all, freedom is already visible world! "

February 24, 2011
Minsk prison


Aboud people!
Get out of my house!
Sing the song of a new day!
After all, spring comes — a time of freedom came,
The time has come to free the land

Suffice it to thieves, butcher
Reign on the earth,
Throw off the yoke, to live in freedom, brothers!
Or the same casual defend
our ancestors, grandparents,
Irrigate the field of blood?

The time is now, get up,
Get up off its knees
and do not be afraid to die
at the security officers.

With us the truth and God,
We yearn for change,
God will protect it.

January 2011
Minsk prison

I do not want to!

I do not want to look at
How to insult my people!
As something terrible and evil
Everywhere we muzzle.

I do not want to put up with abuse
I do not want to live in bondage,
While singing around the grille
Innocent sitting in jail!

I do not want to live my people
With a yoke on the neck all his life!
I want to be in a country home
I could live like a man!

Able to live without fear,
Tomorrow thrown in jail
For the fact that I was not afraid,
For the truth, I'm telling everyone!

I never scare
The arrest, imprisonment or even death!
For it is better to stay in jail,
Than to live his life like a beast,

Ostensibly enemy Belarusians
Ostensibly a freak, a spy …
I do not want to live under duress!
I am not alone, we are legion!

January 2011
Minsk prison


Thank you, my God, that did not leave,
What made me one …
Thank you, that did not let me die,
And gave me the hope of light …

You are for me and the light, and freedom,
You — it's the truth, the life …
You — it's my way … By this way
I'll go through all the …

Thank you, that you gave me the faith and strength,
In order not to break the prison …
For the fact that he had, and for the fact that I have,
Thank you, my God, you …

February 21, 2011
Minsk prison on Volodarskogo

Vladimir was born in Miory Eremenok Vitebsk region 20 years ago. After school, he moved to Minsk, where he enrolled at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics, from which he was expelled after the area in 2010.

In connection with the activities of the Young Front were detained him more than once, he was awarded fines for administrative violations. First sentenced to administrative detention after the rally of solidarity with the detainees 19th December 2010, which took place the next day after a brutal crackdown of 20 th December 2010 Spent in Zhodino 15 days. However, after questioning by the KGB was placed in Akrestsin for serving 7-day arrest is for the most part in the Square. After serving an administrative arrest, was sent to the KGB detention center — in a criminal case for organizing "mass disorder" of 19th December 2010 and participated in them. Then he was transferred to the prison number 1 on the street Volodarskogo.



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