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It is difficult to name a subject that could not be used for divination. Read the cards and tea leaves, the stars and the Bible. But was undeservedly forgotten nowadays one of the most ancient forms of divination — divination by land, or geomancy.

Geomancy (from the Greek words "geo" — the land and "Manteca" — the art of divination) is in line with the emerging at the dawn of humanity conjectural technique used elemental forces of fire (Pyromancer), water (hydromancy) and air (aeromantiya), and it geomancy is considered most crucial. In ancient Greece and ancient China, Mesopotamia and the state in Russia — anywhere where there was a large civilization, geomancy was surrounded by honor and respect. Council, and sometimes direct instruction Geomancer as required in the construction or demolition of houses and processing field and the laying of a city or choosing the location of the battle. Unlike divination techniques by fire or water, became today the property of tradition or a kind of rudimentary folk beliefs, geomancy and thrives to this day. By the advice of the expert in geomancy, people listen, least of all, it would seem inclined to believe divination and occult practices. So what is the secret of this undying belief in the possibility of predictions on the ground?

Celestial divination earth roots

Virtually every nation there is a myth of the Golden Age, the time of carefree paradise of life in harmony with nature. One of the most complete versions of this tale came to us in the presentation of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (427-347. BCE) in his work "laws." On Earth, while the rules of the mighty Kronos, subsequently deposed by his son Zeus. Realizing that the people because of their imperfection can not run their own affairs, he set over them rulers of daemons, spirits of the earth. These spirits are patronized not only by people but also the places where they lived. But the Golden Age ended, and the connection with the wise daemons were lost.
However, the people due to its observation, could not miss the connection between the seasonal variation of the Earth and the position of the stars and heavenly bodies. Thus arose the idea that the Earth and the Cosmos are inextricably linked, that any change in the sky reflected on the face of the Earth.

Perfume is not susceptible to these changes. Here's what he wrote about them Basil Valentine, a famous alchemist of the XVI century, "The earth is not a dead body, it is inhabited by spirits. All around, including the power of minerals, derives its strength from the spirits of the earth. These spirits are the basis of life, they feed from the stars themselves and in turn nourish all living things hidden in the bowels of the earth. " Now it becomes clear why the ancients attached such great importance not only to the observation of celestial bodies and the compilation of the calendar, but also the restoration of the lost communication with the spirits of the earth. Some succeeded, and they became high priests, prophetic wise men, or, in modern terms, sensitives, who had the final say in any, even the most insignificant construction. The fact that the spirits of the earth, like other living things, have their own habits and tastes. Some places they may like it, some not, moreover, they also move through certain channels. Concentrations of spirits called places of power, and that there were built sanctuaries, temples and monasteries, these places are often used by people for the development of psychic abilities and the gift of prophecy. Places nasty spirits, traditionally called cursed, and all of man's attempts to settle there inevitably been a fiasco.

The traditions of geomancy and invariably proved stronger than religious beliefs. In Russia and many other countries of the Christian churches invariably constructed on the site of the destroyed pagan temples, and the priests themselves sought to learn the secret knowledge of the nature of the latter and the pagan priests of the Magi, mercilessly persecuted in the early years of Christianity. However, in fairness it should be noted that some of the priests and the holy ascetics who have reached a high level of spiritual development at the level of intuition and inner, spiritual vision defines these places of power, where he later built temples, monasteries and towns. That's how Sergius of Radonezh chose the spot where now stands the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

The prophecies of oracles

Of course, the secrets of geomancy are not limited to the ability to choose a dedicated place to build or find an underground spring. A significant part of the art of geomancy is divination, fortune telling, with the active assistance of the spirits of the earth. In the places of power often hinge centers oracle in ancient Greece, they were called oracles, had a great reputation and serves as a place of pilgrimage for thousands of people, from kings to the poor laborers. But none of these oracles could not compete with the Delphic: over 15 centuries (!), He enjoyed such respect and glory that many politicians and statesmen of his prophecies were guided in their decisions, and if not for him, world history would definitely be different.
I wish to receive the prediction was clearly formulate your question, write it on a plate and pass through the temple priest, priestess Pythia, engaged predictions. She sat on the brass tripod over a cleft in the rock, from which rose intoxicating fumes. Inhaling these vapors and chewing laurel leaves of the sacred tree, the Pythia entered a trance and gave predictions, clothed in the form of a few lines of verse. As in any present divination, prophecy were in the form of parables, allegories, incomprehensible at first glance characters, leaving the questioner freedom for interpretation and interpretations.

At times this has led to tragic consequences. Thus, the Lydian king Croesus who wanted an invasion of Persia, asked the oracle what the outcome of this initiative, and received the answer: "The great empire will collapse." Opinionated Kroes launched an invasion, resulting in destroyed his own kingdom. In ancient history we can find many similar cases.

Many oracles were built on the site of Tolosa — underground tombs of heroes who have become ghosts after death. Pretty hard to get a response from the oracle Trophonius, the son of Argonaut Ergin. After many days of cleansing and atoning sacrifice to the gods and spirits of the petitioner was dressed in a linen tunic decorated with ribbons and, like sacrificial. He drank from the spring of Lethe, which allows to forget the past, and from a memory which allows you to better remember what he had to learn. Then, with two honey-cakes in his hands, was intended for an offering to the spirit Trophonius, takes the form of a serpent, the petitioner went down to the bottom of the abyss, where seated in the narrow opening. Suddenly, a mysterious force begins to pull him by the ankles, he found himself in the dark, and received a blow to the head, signifying his fake death, after which the spirit revealed to him the future and many other mysteries.

When he came to his senses, the applicant re-discovering what is on the bottom of the abyss, but without the cakes in their hands. The priests solemnly hoisting him on the throne of Memory and asked to repeat all that said, the spirit. But by visiting the oracle, and by embracing its mysteries, most asylum forever deprived of the ability to laugh and enjoy life.

"Sad as the grotto after Trophonius" — a saying that existed in antiquity. But the temptation to know the future was too great, and many agreed to pay for the knowledge that price.

After the formal prohibition of paganism and closing in 390 by Emperor Theodosius I Delphic oracle sanctuary action has stopped. All questions Pythia answered that offended the gods are denied to people in their council.

The art of "wind and water"

Although geomancy was once widespread, it has received the greatest development in China. There is hardly a person today who have not heard of feng shui — the ancient Chinese geomantic tradition, which is based on centuries of continuing surveillance of the nature, the works of reputable Chinese geomancy and ancestor worship. Feng shui (wind and water — translated from Chinese) provides comprehensive recommendations for the construction of buildings, their design and even the placement of furniture.
The key to this — keep the harmony with the surrounding landscape, not to break during the "chi" — the universal life energy and the balance between yin and yang, personifying the sky and the earth, as well as male and female. And that's exactly how it's done — on the subject written by reputable treatises, hardly inferior in terms of all the works on architecture and design put together ever created by man. For example, if a house was built at the end of the street or on the site of the well — a bad omen. Before entering the house in the crescent-shaped body of water or water drainage ditch — thankfully. To become a true master of feng shui, it is necessary to devote to this business all my life, and the majority of Chinese artists are very reluctant to share their secrets with curiosity.

Unlike most of the geomantic traditions that have become part of history today, Feng Shui and thriving today. Many Western countries the past 10 years, experiencing a real boom drag this ancient Chinese teaching, and virtually any manager, furnished our office is seeking expert advice on feng shui. The work of a professional architect, teaching the secrets of Feng Shui is the Chinese masters, can be estimated seven-or eight-digit sum. And often these recommendations, which cost a lot of money may be at first glance a rather strange: for example, the advice to hang a mirror above the entrance to the office or to move a few meters head of the table. But these seemingly simple measures often allow tenfold increase profits. "Economic Miracle" Hong Kong is largely explained by the fact that 90 percent of all office buildings were constructed to meet the requirements of feng shui. That's why the case when the building of the Bank of China was deliberately constructed in such a way that its sharp corners guided cutting, destructive chi on building competition, caused a scandal and trial. With Feng Shui trifled with, and Chinese businessmen is well aware.

Geomancy and modern science

Scientists are usually skeptical about everything related to the occult traditions, and geomancy, until recently, the situation was no better. But what was their surprise when, in the 30's. French physicist F. Parr opened using the magnetic dowsing global network that focuses on the magnetic meridian. This network divides the planet into positive and negative (geopathic) sites. After this discovery, followed by others: E. Wittmann found similar magnetic global network of diamond-shaped cells oriented in a north — south. After these discoveries, science has to pay more attention to the study of what once was called geomancy. Found out that the invisible magnetic fluxes particularly active manifest themselves at the intersection of groundwater resources.
In these areas, there is a significant change in geophysical parameters of the medium: an increase in background radiation, the electric potential of atmospheric electricity, etc., that have a significant impact on the mental state of man and animals. Here you will and power of the ancient legends, when used properly, allow to develop psychic abilities. Later were detected network nodes, which have more powerful effect on the body.

German scientist M. Currie found that these sites are polarized, ie have a positive or negative light. It has been observed that humans and animals react differently to these nodes. For a long stay in a key location harmful effects on the health and biological toned person. But cats, owls, ants, bees and bacteria, on the contrary, it is selected nodes. Most pets prefer, like a man to be out of nodal zones.

No time, many centuries ago, people had the ability to feel the geopathic zone and instinctively avoided them. Now these skills are largely lost, but people still are not vulnerable to radiation from the Earth. Identify positive and geopathic zones, you can use vines or frame-simple dowsing tool. In addition, it is enough to observe carefully pets, including a cat to determine a comfortable place for humans.

Of course, modern man does not possess the power of all the secrets of geomancy — priceless human knowledge is largely lost because of the blind ignorance and unfounded belief.

Only recently have we begun to realize that in nature there are powerful and outside our powers, independent of the dominant religious faith in society or political system. A fraction of the knowledge about these forces can now get each. And no matter what people do — build a house, start a business, equip with modern apartment, office or smallholding — the neglect of the knowledge which has come down to us from the dark ages, could cost him dearly.

Elena Badanova

18 Secret Power 2004

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