Want poboksirovat? — Get in the robot!

November 22, 2011 20:02

The idea to put a man inside the robot boxer implemented in an episode of "The Simpsons."  (Photo by Hammacher Schlemmer.)

In the United States began selling robotic devices, inside of which a person is taken to a joystick to control the limbs and box car with a sparring partner.
Boxing machine, weighing 385 kg, is a steel shkafopodobny unit with inserts made of aluminum and fiberglass 188 cm in height and side of the base of about 150 cm in the upper part of the head is mounted, and on the sides — hands. Wheeled platform encircled by dense and thick rubber bumper (much like the rides elektromobilchikah), which helps to keep the optimum distance between the sparring partners and prevents collisions.

Inside are two independent joystick to control the limbs and a display that shows the number of points, and more. As in the usual boxing, points are awarded for hitting an opponent in the head. Observe the enemy can through the bars in the middle section of the robot, which also serves for ventilation.

Fuel engine provides five hours of continuous work. The robot is able to move back and forth, make turns in any direction and a speed of 5 km / h To fight fairly smooth surface region an area of only a few square meters, however, on this piece of land, the men, of course, do not turn around.

Entertainment for children from 8 years, though, judging by the height of the machine, there will be quite able to get an adult. Sales are made trading network Hammacher Schlemmer. Manufacturer is not specified in the description. Product is worth $ 17 million (not quite clear, it is the price a pair of boxers or only one).

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