Wanted. Judas kiss watch online

Wanted.  Judas kiss watch online
Documentary Film investigation of artistic reconstruction of events. Conducts program from Prof. detective, a retired police colonel Sergei Avdienko. The program "Extra not safe! "is dedicated to identify the criminals, fugitives from justice. From the detention center" Butyrka "escaped extra unsafe offenders Zhelezoglo, Kulikov and Bezotechestvo. The offense of talk shows on the air — on the television itself was not yet! Dubbed the example program on the day or anger: "Warning! Search!. "From the viewer's call to arrest two fugitives took only two weeks. Third detained later. At the studio, law enforcement officers, forensic scientists and psychologists with the support of the audience tried to predict where and how to find this or another extra unsafe offender. And they were able to find the wanted more than a dozen times. Over time format applets exchanged: talk show broadcast reincarnated in documentary Film investigation. Standing still just a thought: search criminals, fugitives from justice.

Atrocities, killings and other

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