«Warrior» adopted by the

Military given preference Russian components of combat equipment, abandoning French FELIN

As told «Izvestia» in the Defense Ministry, the battle set of equipment for the Russian army «Warrior» approved for adopting. In August begin municipal tests that will end in November, and already next year first servicemen to flaunt the latest «war paint.»

— Preference is given specifically «Warriors», which was better than all the main features than its predecessor — a set of equipment «Barmitsa» — told «Izvestia» head of the military research department of the Land Forces, Colonel Alexander Romanuta. — French analogue FELIN, to study and copy of which has previously insisted last Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, with the advantages of small individual loses «Warriors», in which equipment and weapons are collected together.

French collection of weapons infantryman FELIN

Pushed the military to the choice of this particular set of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who has 4 June this year, said that «the military-industrial complex fighter» Warrior «can be put into service in the near month.» Noticing with all this, there are notes on Small Arms, which should be eliminated in recent years.

Month expired, but, according to representatives of the military establishment, «Warrior» entered service only first 2014. «Mistakes» is because the Deputy Prime Minister had read about the beginning of municipal trials, in which brand-new equipment will arrive in a number of divisions of the Western Military Area and Navy.

— Terms of delivery and test equipment «Warrior» made right — explained Colonel Romanuta. — They all met, according to the contract. In 2014 the move to a new battle set 5-7 compounds in the next 5 years and will wear all others.

While working on «The Warriors» in the preparatory tests have been evaluated more than 100 separate pieces of equipment, including helmets, flak jackets and different remedies. Best in their tactical and technical features 40 samples were admitted to municipal testing.

In the municipal defense order in 2014 planned delivery of several 10’s of thousands of sets of combat equipment for ground troops, airborne troops and marines Navy.

Average warranty period of use «Warrior» — 5 years, set to be transferred from the 1st soldier to another, until it reaches a cancellation. And say, if a T-shirt with the valves will wear only one soldier, the old form odezhki designed for two. Owners will be more and winter forms will last longer helmets, body armor, small weapons and knives.

There is now a field form odezhki markedly different from that of «Warrior» in coloring, cut and structure of materials. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, 2015 Russian army will move to the latest standardized form odezhki created for everyday wear. Military personnel will not have to change for use in combat kit «ratnikovskuyu» odezhku — it will be similar for all.

— In developing the newest form odezhki we did without designers and couturiers — says Colonel Romanuta, alluding to not love the army yudashkinskuyu form. — They managed their own, that did not prevent her from becoming significantly better than many zabugornyh counterparts in appearance and usability.

Victor Sokyrko

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