We are going to educate young Russian patriotism: the recognition of necessity or incorrect care?

The Russian young people are going to bring up patriotism: the recognition of necessity or false concern?When it comes on civil and patriotic education of kids and young people, it is often start to break spears adherents of different judgments. Some are convinced that instill a sense of responsible citizenship own homeland should be a school, while others believe that it is purely the prerogative of the home, and some would argue that such discrepancies have to deal with the government and the government alone. But after spending some differentiated approach to account for education Human and civil rights often lead to the fact that this responsibility is shifted from one shoulder to the other. Logically, for education Youth must meet the family, the school, and, of course, the government, but so far, sadly, does not meet anybody. Ancestors kid argue that solve the problem of a let teachers, who in turn nod to parents watch out for, in their opinion, the time of instilling patriotism foundations, and, in the end, all together say that all failures guilty of government — the only it alone.

And now, apparently, Russian authorities bothered to go to the switchman, allegedly led locomotive of patriotism on a siding, and the government going to make a move that is designed to give impetus to solving this most urgent tasks. According to one of the pans, the civil-patriotic education of the Russians intended to deal with the agency very amusing title "Rospatriotizm", which in turn represents the structure of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. The agency is headed by Sergei Belokonev and concrete work on projects fostering a sense of patriotism among the Russian young people will be in charge Vadim LOBOV. The sovereign is the director LOBOV "Rospatriottsentra" and once rector of the Metropolitan Financial and Industrial Institute "Synergy". Vadim LOBOV for a couple of years been implementing a training program from, in the base which laid the basic principles of citizenship and patriotism among the youth of today: conducted training sessions and courses of military affairs are several Web sites devoted to the history of, the glorious victories of Russian weapons, organized a meeting with veterans visits to military units.

According to some reports brand new structure "Rospatriotizm" will begin active work already from next year. With all this, there is information that the Youth Agency plans to implement educational and training projects to borrow more advanced units of Russian military-patriotic school. These include links of eminent gymnastic complex TRP — program "Ready for work and defense", the eminent game "Summer Lightning" and much more.

It is worth recalling that the programm TRP, first developed in the Soviet Union 30's, was an equilibrium system of standards and requirements for physical development and the level of preparedness of people belonging to different age groups. With all of this to the TRP system was not only youth development in the physical sense of the word, and the preparation for the effective labor, protection of the Fatherland and the formation of a moral kind. Must be seen in the middle of the 70-ies of the last century, the norm of the "Ready for Labor and Defense" in the Soviet Union were able to complete 58 million people. This is more than an impressive figure! And what now? Where the training to work, where the principle of the rule of a healthy lifestyle, where moral view?

Admittedly, that is now virtually with each of these provisions in Russian youth problems. Despite the fact that the number of physical education lessons in school grown up, most of these lessons are completely formal. Students in their own bulk perceive physical education classes as a misunderstanding in the schedule: at best — in jeans ball "kick the" at worst — and you can generally ignore the lesson — they say, well, who are such, this gym teacher — assessment and so put … "Physical development, with the voice? I'd rather spend time on a new game-software in the phone or "fly" for a cigarette and a can of cocktail before the coming round up shop on the reverse. 18 I still do not like, but the store also need revenue — implement all the same … "

Of course, these thoughts occur far not all the students. And in Russian time were the ones who "GTO badge on his chest," spat with the highest bell tower. But it was too negative trend looks modern youth in terms of seeing their role in public life. Social life itself now — it's often less than "like" and advantages in social networks, trolling the forums and almost complete weakness in the real desire to solve puzzles and prepyadstviya. Say, what I myself decide something, let's father decides, coach, director, head of the administration, the president … "sing anthem at a school ruler — found a clown … There's even singing teacher — it is there in the" United Russia "!"

"Moral views, you say … Well, well … Look at the bus stop with disabilities in the 30-degree cold left. So what? And there is nothing disabled in the cold to go out of the house. Would sit for themselves in their own wheelchair — nothing would have happened … Oh, sorry there is no video to YouTube … "

This is a typical quintessence of what might be called the flip side of citizenship and sense of duty. And like the ugly is this quintessence or looked — it is. She has permeated our society from young to old. We are ready to rejoice failure neighbors, since this failure had passed us. We are willing to walk over each other, if only to reach the light of the consumer of the future. We are ready to talk about patriotism, but with all this shouting in the queue at the station: "Father, where are you in front of all you're going! Well, what if the order? Tomorrow I also buy for themselves are the same … "

Many people with all this utter: Well, all my friends, come — if government has decided to announce a strategy to educate the youth of civil-patriotic emotions, means all come down to the obvious campaigning, search unrealizable forms of education, and generally well-to-one the continuous negative. Allegedly, the TRP has invented a … Yes, our kids are not robots, so that someone tried to program them to the correct attitude to family, staff, small and great motherland.

But this approach can feel some shred of self-isolation and attempts to reduce everything to the ephemeral concept of personal freedom — liberalism. And most of the people who make the test isolate themselves from public life, that surprisingly, often argue about indecision other countries in terms of increasing the bar of civil and patriotic education. The situation often comes down to the obvious "all-propadizmu": "Power does not do anything in terms of education responsible people power is a deliberate policy of moral destruction of people's view, the company expanded from the inside, but we have to start with yourself is still not going to — that we — the last what? .. "And such a man offered some steps on the part of the country, as it rolls to the other extreme: "Aha! The government is trying to limit our rights and freedom! Look, look, the latest structure do, if it were possible patriotism raise from the sticks! Again, all stolen, certainly stolen! You need to escape! "

At the end of the ma
terial would like to state that for the first time in more than two decades in our country, questions of civil and patriotic education of young people do not rise up to the level of "blah-blah-show" and receive municipal legislation. One may talk about the fact that those in power will not work, and that patriotism can not raise bukovkoy law that the new agencies, projects and centers — another corruption mechanism. But such arguments are more like a runaway and unstoppable pessimism, which is more like a diagnosis.

Brand-new organization will not only revive the Russian positive experience, and based on current realities. One of the areas of promotion of selected military service. School children over time are going to acquaint with the Army way of life. In addition, support will be given military-patriotic and search clubs, youth sports projects, sections. More recently, will be made by the first regional branch of the "Rospatriotizma" in Khabarovsk, Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk. It is planned to conduct a multi-stage work on verbovaniyu youth in local history work, work to expand the information field of the historical character. Tremendous work will be held in educational institutions of different levels.

Of course, the great problem of the decline of morality in Russian society heavily solved overnight separately taken by the agency, but you need to start with something. And such a start. The main thing is it is not drowned in a wave of mass priori faultfinding, not dissolved itself, and was supported not only by those in power, and the public.

From the large multilateral support for the project in this regard depends very, very close to everything. Frankly hunt hope that the municipal initiative will lead to real progress. But with all this we must not forget that the education of patriotism and citizenship — the sort of thing that would be good to start to embody in his own family, the classroom, in the community not only after instructions from the authorities …

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