We arrived in Belarus and are enslaved

April 26 Frunze district court of Minsk fined 525 — 700 000 rubles picket against the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Among those executed citizens of Belarus, Germany and Poland.

12 of the nearly 25 participants of the picket, which took place on April 25 in Minsk in Minsk metro station "Pushkin", were detained by police and spent the night in jail in Akrestsin. They are environmental activists and social movements, as well as anarchists. Today, they were tried for participating in an unsanctioned picket.

The process continues until late. Protesters accused that they were on a stop transport, hindered the movement of citizens who were holding a white banner with the words "We are against the nuclear reactor", shouted slogans and drew attention to himself. Such testimony witnesses gave police, who detained the picketers. Today in the Frunze court they were convicted and fined. Another activist Igor Truhonovicha arrested April 26 outside the court when he tried to take pictures, and ask questions to the police officer.

Alexander Yaroshevich said that on April 25 managed to arrange a picket in front of the supermarket "Riga" and there's no one was arrested. And then all went to the metro station "Pushkin", where they decided to hold another protest against the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus

"As soon as got stretch marks, they rode the bus with police officers in plain clothes and immediately all crammed into the bus. Detained 12 people. Among them, six German citizens, one citizen of Poland and five Belarusians. Together, they made a joint rally against the construction of nuclear power plants, the day before the "Chernobyl" of the day. Foreign activists decided to support the local as well as in their own country, they are also fighting against the nuclear power plant to shut down and new ones are not built. At the Embassy of Belarus in Germany there was a spontaneous action of solidarity, people came to the embassy to demand that the detainees were released in Belarus. "

We have almost no food and no drink that. It was very cold and impossiblecould to sleep.

Citizen of Germany Gyude Hansson guilty in court has not recognized. If the lawyer asked the witness, the police, what language Hansson shouting slogans, the police said they did not remember. The lawyer asked the defendant to justify, as evidence of her guilt in court is not established. However, the judge Svetlana Misuno Woman fined for 700 thousand rubles. Gyude Hansson remembers that during his detention were not explained the legal basis and was not a proper translation:

"We were not fed and did not have that drink. Bunks were very bad, wooden bunks. They could only lie, no tire. It was very cold and it was impossible to sleep. "

Belarusians were given fines and to 700 thousand rubles, and only Alexander Bugaev— 525 thousand rubles. Alexander Yaroshevich notes that in contrast to Belarus to organize a picket in Germany is not that difficult:

"Against the background of the events that occurred before, such sentences are not very heavy, but it also costs money, it is necessary to think about where to find the money to pay. But it's better than sitting on the day. "



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