We Statkevich heart problems

The trial of former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich has not yet been appointed. Khalip very interested in how the processes of participants in the area. The prison administration has broken a promise Ales Otroshchenkov concluded regarding family visits.

April 27 Statkevich's wife received from him two letters.

Marina Adamovich"Nicholas wrote that the trial date him, as before, is unknown. And, just out of my letter, he learned that some processes have already been assigned. After all, before he thought he would go first. And then in a letter to all zamaranae. And, apparently, he had problems with his heart. After all, he writes that gradually recovering, but was forced to stop training, because the heart is not catching up with the speed of recovery of muscle mass. I think Nicholas would not stop training for a reason. Most likely, after his hunger strike, there are problems with the heart. "

Announced that Statkevich will be judged in the Leninsky district court in Minsk together with the ex-presidential candidate Dmitry mustache, a former police Klaskouski Alexander and other members of the square.

April 27 in the court concluded the trial of Dmitry Bondarenko. Staff activist Sannikov was sentenced to 2 years in prison for organizing group activities that breach public order. Relatives Bondarenko already said they will appeal the verdict.

Yesterday, in the court at the trial of Bondarenko's mother and father were present journalist Irina Khalip, who is awaiting trial under house arrest. Today Lucyna Belzatskaya and Vladimir Khalip were on the course in the partisan court where the trial of Andrei Sannikov and four members area. By Lucyna Belzatskoy, her daughter Irina Khalip very interested in news of the processes a fortiori as of today, where the judge of her husband, former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. About how Sannikov kept in the court, and about the environment in the process told Freedom Lucyna Belzatskaya:

The judge is trying to show that the process is objective, asked to speak gives. And then it turns … like Bondarenko.

"He answered the questions of the prosecutor and lawyers. He behaved very decently, quietly. But all this is prelude. Tomorrow will serve the victims. The judge is trying to show that the process is objective, asked to speak gives. And then it turns … Bondarenko like. "

Darya Korsak not able to get to the promised her to see her husband, a friend of Staff Sannikov Alexander Atroschankau, who was sentenced to 4 years and is already serving a prison sentence in the colony "Vitba-3" of Vitebsk:

"I went to the colony, hoping for a date with Sasha, on a three-hour conversation, and it was necessary to pass the first peradachku. Went there with my parents, I had permission from the judge. The day before we called back and said that we have permission from a judge, we were told that this date will not be credited to the total number. But we were deceived. Date, which was the parents were enrolled in the total number. So I offered to come after August 16. But I managed to convey the transmission and looked through the little door in the colony. Hopefully, I'll go there on 7 May and take a look. Perhaps we will show the work place, where prisoners sleep. Maybe I'll see it, and maybe not. "

According to information previously articulated, May 7, in the colony "Vitba-3" is the so-called open day for visitors.

Let me remind you, the Minsk City Court considered the appeal of Ales Otroshchenkov the verdict and left it unchanged.



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