We will again rocket train?

In May 2005, ended clock guard railway missile complexes (BZHRK) 15P961 "Well done", armed with intercontinental missiles RT-23 UTTH. The reason for this became certain international agreements relating to the reduction of offensive potential as entry into service of mobile soil complex "Topol-M". Since then, the theme of the creation of new systems of such a class more than once been the subject of debate, but before any definite decisions it has not yet reached. To this day, all official statements about the ability of the resumption of construction BZHRK had only the most general statements such as "consider the question of" or "in the future may be returning."

We will again rocket train?

The sudden news came almost yesterday. As reported by RIA announcements already in full swing construction work, the purpose of which is to create a new combat railway missile system. Some remain unknown source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation also told reporters "News" of the approximate timing of completion of the work. According to him, the first models of the new BZHRK can be collected as early as 2020. As a consequence, the enacting of this complex, if it takes place, will first 20s. Other details of the project are still unidentified.

Removal from duty missiles 15P961 came out from behind the criterion of the contract START-II. Despite all the difficulties with the ratification of this agreement, as a result BZHRK still have been removed from duty and recycled. As for the new contract START-III, then the terms are not forbid you to create and operate the railway-based missile systems. For this reason, in recent years, often sounded proposals related to the restoration of old times BZHRK or new construction, including a new project. In favor of the revival of an old idea is always the same fact: Our homeland has a developed network of railways, which can be used for constant movement of trains with special missiles. With all this missile launch is likely almost with at least some section of the path. At the time of the mobile railway systems has become a prerequisite for the start of full-scale research and development efforts.

It should be noted in the development of BZHRK 15P961 designers CB "South" and several related organizations had to address a range of problems that are needed for a successful integration of missile systems to train staff. First, it was necessary to ensure the correct rassredotachivanie weight to BZHRK did not hurt the way. Launch mass of RT-23 UTTH was 104 tons and approximately 45-50 tons had to start the system. This necessitated the several exciting solutions for the unloading of the chassis of cars. In addition, the entire set of special equipment must be positioned in the dimensions of standard cars, which also had to have no noticeable appearance. After all, with the launch of the train starting complex caused a lot of different issues: the car with a launcher eventually had to equip a special system to pipe away the contact wires, and she rocket after the start of the mortar was deflected to the side, so that gas engines are not damaged cars, paths, etc.

Creating a new analogue of old times 15P961 will be associated with exactly the same neuvvyazkami. Perhaps the development of rocket and electrical equipment in some measure will facilitate the puzzle, but not so that it was possible to make a new BZHRK in the shortest possible time. For example, it may be the introduction of missiles with a launch weight of the smallest compared with the RT-23 UTTH, for example missile complexes "Topol-M" or "yars". However, some features start with the railway system requires some modification. Also it should be noted that all the work on the new BZHRK have to make anew, without the use of an old Russian experience. The fact that the main engineering surveys, including ground-based and on parts of the complex, "Good", pursued a design office "South", located on the ground now independent Ukraine. There are fully justified doubts about the ability of the role of the organization in the development of a new BZHRK. So the Russian designers have without the help of others to develop all of the new railway complex, using only that the documentation which has been preserved in our country.

All technical tasks if desired, and the right approach can be solved. If the new combat railway missile system will be created, it is, first, effects on international affairs. At the time, the United States or by crook tried to reach at least the end BZHRK out at the railway network of the Union of Russian, and later Russia. Notwithstanding certain external differences from ordinary trains — first, as many as three locomotives DM62 — railway systems have been rather difficult for the purpose of detection and attack. All the cars, "Well done", including launchers, were disguised as "civilian" passenger, freight or refrigerated. Because of this, reliable detection BZHRK means of satellite imagery can be had only after the train at the position for the rocket fire, in preparation for the launch. As a result, the Yankees managed to reach out at first cancellation of trains with missiles beyond their bases, and then remove the complexes from service. Is noteworthy that the Russian administration was drawn to the removal of complexes 15P961 with weapons before the time, until the creation of ground has been established mobile complexes "Topol-M".

Taking into account the foreign reaction to an old railway-based missile systems, it is easy to guess, as NATO and the United States respond to the first new similar project. We should expect the rhetoric of various kinds, but the 1st and the same values: Russia will again be incriminated in the evil intent, again, would lift the theme "unfinished" Cool war, etc., and the similar. In general, this reaction will be more than clear. BZHRK represent a great danger to a potential enemy, and their mobility is able to prevent the very anti-missile systems. Back in the 80's of the last century South American engineers calculated that if a nuclear missile attack and a half hundred square meters of missiles R-36M, aimed at destruction 25 railway systems, the ability to defeat the latter is less than 10 percent. So Makar, railway missile systems are becoming one of the most elusive components of the nuclear forces, flush with submarines.

With all the benefits of technical and tactical fighting temper railway missile systems are not without shortcomings. First, it is the complexity of the creation and operation. In addition, the missile trains travel on public roads, the use of steel can become the object of criticism of various kinds, from political and international environmental and moral up. Yet, the effectiveness of similar systems in the nuance of deterrence has already been confirmed in practice and proved the reaction of foreign countries. So until new railway missile complexes political and military control of the country to decide what is more important: the safety of the country or its international style. It should be noted, drive and systematic promotion of their own thoughts, including those regarding BZHRK, in the end can end zabugornye disturbances, showing their uselessness.

Unfortunately, there is not any official information on the development of a new combat railway missile system. Moreover, the very existence of such works only as long as it is clear from the obscure anonymous sources. Because at first would not hurt to wait for the official stat
ement of the Ministry of Defence. However, these statements can be the starting point for a specific zabugornoy reaction. The main thing after that — do not forget that their own security is more important regular accusations of hostile intent.

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