Weather began developing its resettlement program

14/02/2013 Weather prompts compatriots farmhouses and social support. We are ready to invite fellow in those areas of the field where there is a large production, which provide accommodation to its employees. For example, in Ust-Luga apartment complexes are being built for the port workers. As for the staff of Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant built 600 apartments. But we must understand that the production requires a highly skilled and specialized staff, such as dock workers, foundry workers, engineers, — said Alexander Drozdenko. The governor stressed that the development of a program of resettlement of compatriots region is ready to provide for the costs of their social support, training and retraining, to ensure their children places in kindergartens and schools, but not for housing. — Provide apartments settlers at the expense of local people who wait years for housing — incorrectly — said Alexander Drozdenko. — Thus, we can cause dissatisfaction of the indigenous population of the Leningrad region. There are different opportunities for housing. In the well the system of mortgage lending, — he added. Drozdenko Alexander suggested the possibility of compensation from the federal budget mortgage rates. — It is not about buying flats from the budget, and compensation rates for loans — said the governor. Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the North-West Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko noted that in rural areas a lot of empty houses, suitable for housing, and to the participants of the resettlement is willing to engage in farming. — We are ready to provide housing in rural areas. In the near future we will conduct an inventory of rural houses and make a list of those that do not require major repairs, — said Alexander Drozdenko. State program to assist the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad, adopted in 2006. It is aimed primarily at attracting Russian working-age population. In the past, the program was developed, and became perpetual.

We recall from the Leningrad region not previously participated in the program of resettlement. The decision to join a state program adopted at the end of 2012. In the first region invites compatriots in the territory adjacent to the commercial seaport of Ust-Luga. There will be built 35000th city of low-rise and cottage housing. Invited experts working in the field of port facilities and port services. Compatriots awaits Kingiseppskiy Leningrad region, which shows a record of introducing new dynamics of enterprises. The average wage here — about 40 thousand rubles, and there is an acute shortage of qualified personnel. Compatriots living in the Baltic States, could become the labor reserve, which would allow the district to develop dynamically.

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