Weird, like an alien, landscape Dallola

January 18, 2013 14:21

Dallol — the name of a sleeping volcano, as well as a nearby abandoned village in Ethiopia. Dallol volcano and its surroundings are known as the hottest place on Earth, because from 1960 to 1966, there was an absolute record of mean annual temperature (+34? C). However, the record temperature not the only thing known for Dallol area. The fact that the local landscapes look alien by potash, manganese, iron, and are washed to the surface hot springs and painted it in almost every color of the rainbow. Salt, appearing on the surface, rapidly crystallized and frozen in bizarre forms. Sometimes frozen salt pillars up to 40 meters in height.
Astronomers say that looks about the same surface of Io — Jupiter (Io — the most geologically active celestial body in the solar system: the ashes and lava flows from the more than 400 active volcanoes of Io's surface painted in various shades of yellow, white, red, black and green ).
Last Dallol volcano erupted in 1926. Now crater lake is situated at an altitude of 48 meters below sea level (the lowest land volcano).

Dallol — one of the few places on the planet where potash deposits go directly to the surface. It has been estimated that for one spring to the surface of the water was washed over a thousand tons of potash salts. In the early 20th century, started commercial production of potassium salts in the area. First delivery of the extracted salt was carried on camels to the sea, but then the railway was built almost to the point of production. However, in 1929 production ceased, as The Soviet Union, Germany and the United States began to supply the world market for cheaper potash. Since then, oil production in this area have sought to renew, but to no avail. Currently, the village miners potassium abandoned, still houses the remains of walls built of salt blocks and the old machinery and tools.

The Government of Ethiopia in 2009 gave the right to develop deposits in Dallole British company, but the local nomadic Afar people, who believes his or her property Dallol to protest attack on Chinese workers, began to build the railroad and mining project potash Dallole been discontinued. Afar collect salt crystals have Dallola, then cut these crystals on the plates, which are then delivered to the camels for sale in a nearby town — Mekelle.

Landscape Dallola on video:

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